Ethiopian Presidents’ Academic Qualifications: 1974 Till Date


The history of Ethiopia is not just an interesting one but can also be called a tale of courage and bravery. From the emergence as an empire under the Aksumites to its current form as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. The journey has not been all that easy, considering the years of Egyptian invasion and the defeat of Egyptians, Italian first and second invasion and the defeat of Italians, military coup and also lots of blood shed that has taken place in all these processes before the emergence of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in 1991. We all know much about Ethiopian history, and how the country was only briefly which many believe shouldn’t be regarded as colonization but know little or nothing about the men that have brought us this far especially their academic qualifications. Take a quick glance below to see the academic qualifications of the presidents of Ethiopia starting from the first military president to the current president of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

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Aman Mikael Andom (1924–1974):


He attended Comboni College and later St. George’s Military School in Khartoum.
Acquired a bachelor’s degree from Howard University In May 1964, when he was assigned as military attaché to the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington, D.C.