10 Popular Kenya Gospel Music Artists


The Kenyan music scene has been quite vibrant over the last decade. However, gospel music remains the most popular genre of music. In fact, gospel artists top the list of the most famous as well as the richest artists in general. The industry has seen old gospel artists making a comeback as well as new musicians being discovered. Currently, the following are the top 10 popular Kenya gospel music artists:

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10 Famous Kenya Gospel Music Artists

 1. Rufftone

Do you like gospel music and want to get the best of it? Try Ruff tone. Ruff tone whose real names are Roy Smith Mwatia can be said to be the “God father” of gospel music. The musician was born 35 years ago in the Western province of Kenya. He specializes in gospel dance hall and raga. Besides being a gospel artist, he is also a music producer and owner of lampstand records.

Rufftone - kenya gospel music artists