Why Kenyan Men Are Obsessed With Woman’s Breasts

We’ve all come across men obsessing about breasts more than anything else in a woman’s body. Of course, there is slim girls obsession, there is addiction to curvaceous ladies, there is also nuts about plus-size women but they are all something men would want to compliment with a woman’s breast. Breasts matter a lot to all men even to grizzled ones. Though not in all communities as some women in some communities lay bare their breasts and get no special attention for traditional reasons, but most men in communities like our lovely country Kenya can’t control their lust at the sight of bare breasts.

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Yes, it does not happen in Kenya. Doubting? You could ask the likes of Anabanana (Annabel-Mbaru) and other boobs ladies who get all the attention for their boobs. Their big wow boobs are irresistible sight for the men here.

However, it’s not just in Kenya. It is physiologically proven that men of all ages are addicted to breasts. From newly born to teenage to adult years. And even male toddlers tend to give up on suckling later than their female counterparts. They continue to suckle, play and get along a lot with them during their toddler stage and never quit even at their grey age.

Why The Breasts?

This is no wonder given that a woman’s breasts are sumptuous. Only a woman’s cleavage exposed by a low neckline garment is enough to get the heart of men thirstily numb. They are naturally fascinated by the sight of this wonderment of creation.

Though the reason for the trend cannot for sure be determined, but it could be said to be an act of crave for what you don’t have. Men probably hunger for this wonder of creation because they themselves can’t grow breasts or because it is fascinating especially for being packed with tissues.


Both genders (both men and women) naturally discover their sexuality in their teenage years and the breasts play a huge role in the discovery of this sexuality in male. Looking at them makes men learn how to appreciate the femininity of women.

It is in a woman’s nature to expose breasts intentionally or not. Similarly, it is in a man’s nature to feed his eyes, gaze, ogle and wonder at the feminine chest’s endowments whether consciously or subconsciously.

However, all breasts don’t attract equal attention. Breast size plays a major role in how much attention a woman draws men. Remember the adage the ‘bigger the better’ or ‘more is better’? It holds strong for men as regards the love for breasts. Those endowed with larger ones get more attention than those with small ones or the flat chested ones.

This adage however isn’t ironclad as skinless or flat chested women – without any or much palpable breast tissue can get as much attention as big boobs women when they are well packaged. Yes, you don’t need big breasts before you can shine. All the men need to see to be obsessed is the the sign that it is there.