10 Popular Swahili Music Videos You Should Listen To


Swahili is a common language mostly spoken in east Africa. It is basically a mixture of coastal Bantu language and the Arabic language. Swahili is one of the official languages in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Other countries that speak the dialect include Congo, Burundi, and Rwanda. Although in very limited use, it is also spoken in parts of Zambia, Zaire, and Comoros islands. Swahili music is mainly listened in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Some of the 10 popular Swahili music videos you should listen to consist of the following:

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1. “Mapenzi ya Fujo” (troublesome love) by Kidum

This track is performed by a well renown musician known as Kidum. He is originally from Burundi but is based in Kenya. It is not a very new song, but has actually been around for about three years. It continues to appeal to many listeners especially those who have an inclination towards love songs.

2. “Valu valu” by Jose Chameleon

This is another popular love song sang in Swahili that continues to receive a lot of airplay. It has been performed by one of Uganda’s most famous and wealthiest musicians, Jose Chameleon. It is a love song that talks about a gentleman taking care of his woman at all costs. It was released more than a year ago but still causing ripples in the music scene.

3. “Daima” Kenya by Eric Wainaina

This is a patriotic song that can almost be likened to Kenya’s national Anthem. It always holds a special position in the hearts of Kenyans. It is an afro pop type of song sung by the award-winning, “Eric Wainaina” who also happens to be a graduate of the prestigious Berkley School of Music. Daima is a Swahili word for “Forever”.

4. “Mbona” by Daddy Owen and Denno

The song was released two years ago as a special song to encourage people do away with stigma associated with disability. The track and video entails reference to people living with disability. It has been sung by one of Kenya’s most prolific musicians Daddy Owen alongside Denno who is blind. The song’s title “Mbona” simply means “Why”.

5. “Kwetu Pazuri” by Christ Ambassadors

This song was performed Christ Ambassadors Choir from Burundi. It is a gospel music video that talks about going to a better place or paradise (Kwetu Pazuri). Although it features a very simple video, its depth in lyrics is what has made this song remain one of East Africa’s favorite for more than two years.