These 7 Types Of Men Make The Least Desirable Boyfriends Or Marriage Partners


We live in a culture that sends out very mixed messages about marriage: We’re told we must marry as a woman and for that reason some women work mightily to swallow all the flaws of a man in courtship just to get the ring. So the result is that most of us goof-up simply because deep down, we yearn to get married. Yea! not just women, both men and women ought to have a mate as the bible provides but not everybody must. Some have their reasons not to while others have their reasons to do otherwise. For those whose destinies are really to walk down the aisle with a partner, make no mistakes because of your eagerness to reach the generally expected height. Even though women  seem to have more tolerance threshold than men, don’t over stretch it. Of course, women are very patient creatures and have the ability to wait for a spoilt man to turn good.

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They can wait on an immature man to transition to a mature man. They nurse in their hearts seemingly impossible hope of changing a frog into a prince especially when they are really in love. They decide to marry such men with the sole aim of trying a little harder or giving him more time, or charming him with their inborn magical power of love to become the type of man they long for in marriage while in reality, it is impossible to achieve! And at this point, all the motherly caring qualities put in them, including patience, meekness, submissiveness, forgiveness and understanding will start to haunt them. To avoid having the better part of this hunt, you should avoid the following types of men.

Mr ‘They Are Just My Female Friends, I Have Several of Them’

‘Mr I Am Friends With all my Exes and other women’ is simply bad luck and should be buried at all costs! Yes, you might as well be just a friend to another female lover when to you, you are the main girl. Wake up from your slumber and take to your heels when you still can.

Mr No Demonstration of Love:

You are recommended to avoid at all costs a man who gives you a slimy frog when you kiss him. While it may be entertaining and even cool to casually make out with a man like this or latch on to their money, don’t go beyond that with this type of man because it is never going to end well.

Mr Cheater:

People change when they are aging. Yes! Change is constant as long as there is life, I agree! But all my life I have never seen a cheater who changed for good. They will always assure you that they will never do it again but when you think they are at the edge of change, they will disappoint you once more as their dishonest nature will never let them fulfill their promises.

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Mr Untrustworthy:

Well, unless you want anguish and pain, avoid dating or allowing some Kenyan pastors exchange marriage vows with you. Forget their brilliant nature, attractiveness, dress sense, costly lifestyle, travelling nature and other extravagant lifestyle that might add to their attractiveness, they are really to be avoided. You maybe wondering why some Kenyan pastors should be avoided or to you, it is not open to reason but wait until the skeletons in their closest get leaked. In fact, if there is one thing I have familiarized myself with in 2015, it is that some Kenyan pastors are not men to be trusted. Save your life from the perpetual dent they might bring to your life by looking ahead of these material things that will vanish someday.

Mr Successful Bachelor at 40:

Avoid marrying a 40 year-old moneyed man.  We do know that women stalk such men like honey to the bee, but don’t join the crowd. As a matter of fact, it is easier for a broke man to be a bachelor at that age than a wealthy man as women can sniff success a mile away, and will chase after it unceasingly.

A man who is very successful ( owns a nice car, lives in a posh neighborhood and has a great career) and remains a bachelor until his 40s might have something baleful about him. There is always something disturbing about this type of men. Run as fast as you can and keep him far at bay.

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Shrug Off Mr Narcissist:


Yes, avoid Mr Narcissist. In case you don’t know who a Narcissist is: it is simply a self-absorbed person who has an excessive interest in admiration of themselves. Narcissus was an ancient Greek mythological figure who was so beautiful that he fell in love with himself — but because he couldn’t leave his own reflection in a pool, he suddenly drowned. A narcissist loves just himself and expresses only self-love to himself. ‘A narcissist fakes everything ( emotions, tears, love) and  never in actuality considers other people’s feeling because he is extremely wrapped up in himself. He will rather impress strangers with his look than showing absolute love to his wife and children. As long as it isn’t about them, your concerns are unimportant. They are contemptible men who never ditch a woman for who she is but for who they themselves are. So darling, you really need to blow past this type of men when they come to you. Yes, run from this one except you want to struggle for the dressing mirror with him!

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Mr Mood Killer:

This type of man brings mental distress, emotional torture, agony, sadness and emotional anguish, the list goes on and on every single minute you feel happy. He steals away your happy mood, youth, liveliness and throw them out the window. This type of man is naturally destructive to everything he comes in contact with. The type that wants you to out of frustration become a haggish and frail woman at the of age 30. If all of these describe your boyfriend, sister you need to do yourself a favor by taking the door. Don’t ever hope he will turn a new leaf after marriage.