Ugandan Presidents Academic Qualifications – 1962 Till Date


Uganda has actually taken a very long walk starting from 1962 after Britain granted the country independence. Despite that Uganda has made a great strides since 1962 it has not coast through the journey considering the years of Political maneuvering which first resulted from supporters of a centralized state vying with those in favor of a loose federation and a strong role for tribally-based local kingdoms and also several loss and restoration of Republic emanating from various insurgence (coup d’état by Idi Amin and General Olara-Okello). We are right to say that Uganda has endured 50 years of suffering however, it has made phenomenal progress in transforming her governance. Well aware of the history that has been told time and time again, we know little or nothing about the academic qualifications of these men who have come from all the country’s regions and have by their actions and inactions taken Uganda where it finds itself today. View below to see the educational background of Ugandan presidents starting from first to the current president.

Sir Edward Mutesa II (1924–1969):


Early education was conducted under private auspices and then at King’s College, Budo.

From 1943 to 1945 Mutesa studied at Makerere University College, Kampala.

In  1945 to 1948 he read history, economics, and law at Magdalene College, Cambridge University in England.

Military training in the officer training corps in England(where he joined the University Officer Training Corps and was subsequently commissioned as a captain in the Grenadier Guards)