10 Best Dressed Male Personalities In Kenya

Fashion makes a strong lasting statement on a personality’s style, and Kenyan men have not been left behind in the trend of looking good. From comedians, to actors, models, journalists  and footballers, when they step out on a carpet, one thing is sure to be striking about their outfit. Based on a fair and unbiased judgment of consistency in looking good, here is a list of top 10 best dressed male personalities in Kenya.

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10. Emo Rugene

Emo R

Emo is an Actor, model, designer, entrepreneur and change-maker. He is hard to describe in a few words because he has a lot going on in his life. This top model is not afraid of color; he wears anything classy and nice irrespective of its color and pattern. From snoods to prints and colorful suits, Emo is definitely a fashionista.

9. MC Samora


Samora is an MC, stand up comedian and hype-man who knows how to combine his designs. He is quite versatile when it comes to having a good fashion sense. Samora is one kenyan guy that can change from a suited up look to timbers and shorts and still maintain his swag.

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8. Kwame Bonsu


Kwame Bonsu  was born on 25 September 1994. He is a Ghanaian footballer who plays for Mjallby AIF as a midfielder and lives in Kenya. He is also a TV show host on Eye Candy and his sense of style is as classy as his football career.

7. Nick Mutum


The September born Nicholas Munene Mutuma is a Kenyan actor, model and television host. He has been acting professionally since 2012 and appeared in the first series of MTVShuga. He has also featured in the drama Tabasamu (Citizen TV) and also presents on 91.5 One FM. Nick is like Kenya’s Ryan Gosling . . . tall, handsome and dresses like everyday is an occasion.

6. Ian Mugoya


Ian Mugoya is a trend setter. He takes risks and is notorious for stealing international celebrity looks. Most times he does a good job to pull off that look though.

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5. Jamal Mohamed

Jamal Mohamed

Jamal Mohammed commonly known as Jamal Malo (born 24 November 1984) is a Kenyan footballer who plays for Al-Nasr S.C.S.C. in Oman Professional League. This footballer has style when it comes to dressing, from man bags to beanies, Jamal has a way of dressing to make a statement.

4. John Allan Namu


John is a journalist who always looks good on camera and in person. He wears suits most of the time and still does justice to jeans and shirts whenever he finds himself in them.

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3. Kenyan Stylista

Kenyan stylista

For Kenya’s top male fashion blogger, every outfit he wears looks good on him. He has a way of adding swag to whatever he puts on, whether causal, traditional or corporate.

2. Eddie Kirindo


Eddie may not be known by many Kenyans, but those who know this Stylist and Fashion Columnist are aware of his killer looks. Eddie is most likely the one guy who can rock a pink suit and still nail it.

1. Abdi Askar


This model tops the list of best dressed male personalities in Kenya. He is the epitome of style and portrays to a great deal that Kenyan males do have a great taste for fashion and will keep impressing spectators wherever they go.

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