10 Most Ideal And Romantic Spots To Take Your Valentine In Kenya

With Valentine’s Day creeping close, it’s just the right time to surprise your special One and only, it is the time to show them how much you love them. Of course there is this sense of special feelings of love one gets to feel when treated better on special days as valentine. Although most people celebrate valentine almost everyday, many demonstrate their most hidden and deepest feelings of love this special season. And this has made basking under the Kenyan sun get even better. Incase you are considering getting your partner an elegant bouquet of long-stemmed roses or a box of chocolates, you’ll be missing a lot. Instead of going through same old path, why not surprise your partner with a perfect beach holiday, fantastic dinner for two and a romantic walk, where you could relax, discover a lot about your relationship, let love soar with a wide variety of exciting activities, share little sweet romantic stories and sweep your Val off their feet. -uh, good ideas already right? Okay, here is a list of 10 coolest places in Kenya to surprise your lover this valentine.

1. Masai Mara


Give yourself up to a weekend of sheer pleasure at the finest safari destination in Kenya.  Is your partner in love with adventure or does the idea of touring conjure up exciting feelings in her? Now is the time to experience huge excitement with your partner. There are wide varieties of luxury tented camps in Mara, where you can elicit much fun from a romantic safari experience with remarkable views and beautiful wildlife. In fact guys! if you want it to be perfect since you own the moment just step into Masai Mara with that special someone in your life. Already thinking of going? here is the Location:  Rift Valley, Kenya or Visit: Maasaimara.

2. Tamambo Karen Blixen Restaurant


Tamambo Karen Blixen Restaurant is undoubtedly a wonderful place to wine and dine with your partner this season. You will get close to the oldest and largest friendly gardens in Kenya…guess what? This will most likely do the trick you need in your relationship. Yea, sure the sight alone screams romance. Incase you want to have the big moment of romantic dinner with just your partner, you could surprise your Valentine by dining at the Grogan House, a homelike and relaxing setting. There are special menus which Tamambo will be offering to make your Valentine’s Day indelible in your memory. It can’t get any better than this right?  Have fun pouring out your feelings this season. Lest I forget, here is the location; Karen Road, Nairobi or Visit: Tamambo Karen Blixen Restaurant

3. Caramel Restaurant


Oh! you can’t just snap your eyes away from this view right? Of course I know it is just too amazing to be ignored. In case you are interested in having daring excitements and most romantic time ever,  here is the right spot to spend your valentine. Let’s not ignore its sleek elegance which is the distinctive feature of Caramel Restaurant, not to think of the menu and wine list that overshadows several restaurants. Well, this is a place for a romantic meal and special treat for your special someone. Admit it, Caramel restaurant can be as romantic as it is stunning. Take a step into the amazing world of fun by visiting caramel on Valentine’s Day to enjoy menu created exclusively for the day with a glass of smooth Barton and Guestier on arrival. Asking for the location already? Visit: Caramel Restaurant or Abc Place Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya.

4. AfroChic Diani


Here is another special spot for lovers on valentine day. AfroChic is referred to as the “Jewel of Diani”, a boutique hotel which has an excellent romantic atmosphere. Perhaps, you are searching for a perfect mix of sun and sea for Valentine Celebration, AfroChic Diani is just where to get those. The hotel offers beautiful views of dhows in full sail. Set on Diani beach, lying south of Mombasa. Don’t search for the location just yet…we have it right here ok? Diani Beach Road, is located at Kwale, Kenya or Visit: AfroChic Diani What are you waiting for? Pack your bags right away in this short holiday and head to Africhic Diani for wild fun with your partner.

5. The Brasserie at Hemingways


If you prefer to impress your lover beyond her imagination, head straight to The Brasserie. This spot will sure have her jaw dropped right on the floor. Several wonderous moments await her upon arrival. An excellent romantic spot with a mix of sophistication. Also there is warm and gentle twinkling of lights, tables spaced at a respectable distance and air of privacy. With the air of privacy, you would think every other person no longer exist in the world except you, your love and the velvety French country pâté sitting right between you two. Not just that, you could drain away the evening of valentine drowning  in variety of yummies in the special menu of Brasserie, a five course dinner with a selection of wines, plus, live music by Hez Miranda. So catch-all the fun and tell all the amazing love stories after valentine’s day. Oh! I gotcha…the address? It is located at the Mbagathi Ridge, Nairobi or Visit: The Brasserie at Hemingways