Often times, schools compete for the highest rank in the list of best schools academically, but how about when schools compete for the most expensive spot in the list of most expensive schools instead? They not only want to be the best schools study-wise but also the most recognizable financially even to those who have never been to the school before. They are known to be strictly for the rich class and partly for the middle class but never for the poor. You could say that, to them, education is not for the poor. So for those who can offer their children the best kind of education and can pay anything just for them to have seemingly sufficient education, these 10 most expensive schools will come into play.

Of course, these are the schools where the rich and popular people like to take their kids. In fact, they are simply the schools for the Blue Ivy’s of Kenya. Most of them offer the British Curriculum and their school fees are pretty insane with caution fees amounting to 150,000, registration fees of 50,000 and applications fees of 10,000 Kshs.

Top 10 most expensive schools with figures of how much students pay per annum.

10. Kenton College Preparatory School: Fees – KSh 675,918


Kenton College, Nairobi, is a day preparatory school for 260 boys and girls aged 6 – 13 years. Kenton is situated in the leafy residential suburb of Kileleshwa. The school was founded in January 1924 and was formerly at Kijabe before moving to Westwood Park Hotel in Ngong’ during World War II and subsequently to Kileleleshwa. It stands on a good land stretching 35 acres and grants access to children from any part of the world. It bridges hugely the gap of racial discrimination as students of all races play, eat and relax together. In fact, the school, indeed reflects the multi-cultural world of today since more than 30 nationalities are represented in the school. An added advantage is the fact they are also one of the best schools academically. Kenton prides itself on its reputation for academic excellence as they cut down class sizes in order to impart enough quality education.

The school was originally owned by Finlay Cramb, and students pay KSh 675,918 per annum. Why the big pay in this school? That most probably because it is considered one of the top 500 Preparatory Schools in the World.

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9. The Banda School: Fees – KSh 695,000


The Banda School stands in Langata, a pleasant suburb of Nairobi, just around the corner from the village of Karen. Nairobi’s unrivaled climate together with Branda’s pleasant grounds provide the idyllic setting of the school. Yes, it has such a peaceful and cheerful environment. The Ngong Hills are visible from the school and opposite is the Nairobi National Park. The school is essentially English preparatory school and follows British National Curriculum. The co-educational school has mostly British, a few Aussies, Kiwis and South Africans as their staff.

The school was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Chitty in 1966 and is currently one of the biggest Preparatory schools in the world and also one of the best international school in Kenya offering the British curriculum.

And as for the tuition fees per term, the students pay  KSh 695,000 depending on which year and the outstanding academic, sporting and cultural achievements set it apart from the rest. Each student has a customized personal iPads with which they learn most of their courses in school.

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8. Gems Cambridge International School – Fees Ksh 718,480


Gems Cambridge is owned and operated by GEMS Education. It is located in the posh suburbs of Karen. At GEMS Cambridge International School, Nairobi children are surrounded by learning opportunities both on the inside and outside the classroom. Experienced and well-qualified educators from some of the best schools in Kenya and around the world are the teachers and the staff of Gems. The tuition fee is Ksh 718,480. per annum although the figure varies as the value of currencies increase and decrease.

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7. Braeburn Imani International School: Fees – KES 727,800


The school located along Mangu Road, Thika provides students with an international education. It was formally founded in the serene farmlands of Thika in 1969. Imani School was taken over by the Braeburn Schools Ltd on 1 January 2011, making it the newest member of the Braeburn Group of International Schools. It is currently called Braeburn Imani International School (BIIS).

Braeburn offers a British Curriculum for early years unit, primary school, high school and sixth form based on the National Curriculum of England and Wales, from Early Years Foundation Stage through to pre-University courses (2 – 18-year-olds) and if you are wondering what the students do to secure a slot in the university, you would have to set aside KES 727,800 per annum in school fees for a start.

6. Hillcrest International School: Fees – KSh782,310


Hillcrest is the sixth most expensive school in Kenya. It stands in the South West of Nairobi in the suburb of Karen. It was founded as a preparatory school in 1966 before expanding into a campus that comprises of Hillcrest Early Years, Hillcrest Preparatory, Hillcrest Secondary and Hillcrest Senior School. Its school fees amount to KES782,310 per annum, which quite expensive for Kenyan Standards.

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5. Peponi School – Fees: KSh441,500 – KSh619,500


Peponi School was founded in 1989, on 45 acres of land to be a first class, independent, co-educational boarding school. It provides a peaceful atmosphere, in which pupils can achieve their full potential. Peponi school is set at about 5,600 ft (1,707m) above sea level in a magnificent countryside ranch. It’s well known for its indulgence in several sports and games. It is a centre for internationally recognised school-leaving examinations at 16 (IGCSE), 17 (A/S) and 18 (A2) Years.

And as for their fees, below is the analysis of what you get to pay.

ENTRY CHARGES – (One Time Payments)
Application Fee3,000.00
Registration Fee5,000.00
Caution Fee (refundable) – Kenyan Residents150,000.00
Caution Fee (refundable) – Non-Kenyan Residents200,000.00
Pupil’s Pass (only for pupils whose parents are not Kenyan citizens and are not residents in Kenya)5,000.00
CHARGES PER TERM (3 Terms per year)
Full Boarders619,500.00
Weekly Boarders588,000.00
Day Students441,500.00

4. Brookhouse School – Fees – KSh 830,000


Brookhouse is a co-educational day and boarding school for children aged 2 – 19, offering an adapted form of the British National Curriculum to Kenyan and international pupils. It is located in Lang’ata on your way to Rongai. The school offers early, preparatory and secondary schooling. The students pay around 830,000 Kenyan Shillings as school fees for one academic year encompassing three terms.

3. St Andrews Turi – Tuition Fee – Kshs 994,500


St Andrew’s School is an international, multicultural, Christian Boarding School in Kenya offering students a British Curriculum education of the highest standard. The school is located at Turi, between Kericho and Nakuru and offers education in the following educational levels: preparatory school, senior school, and college. It was founded in 1931 by the Levets before it burned down on 29th February, 1941 and was later rebuilt by Italian prisoners of war.

The school is a typical replica of a school for just the rich as it requires tuition fee of Kshs 994,500 from students. Guess what? Ciku Muiruri’s daughter Erica Gachoka attended this school.

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2 Greensteds International School – Fees – KSh1,010,000


The Greensted International School was founded in 1936, it stands near a national park just as Banda school, Nakuru National Park to be precise. The school also offers an international standard of education and requires students to be a fee amounting to about the 1 Million mark. In fact to be precise, a student has to pay 1,010,000 KSh for one academic year.

1. International school of Kenya (ISK) – Fees – KSh2,070,204


Hello world, here lands our number one most expensive school. You may be wondering why International School of kenya took the highest spot on our list of most expensive schools in Kenya, so here is why.

This school will cost you around KES 2,070,204 every year for having your child study in it. Yes, that the school fees you get to pay for enrolling your child in the school. And if you are asking if it is worth the pay, with an echo I give a “YES” as they pursue sheer academic excellence. It’s the biggest international school in Kenya and its notable alumnus include Dan Eldon an English photojournalist and Karen Graham, Canadian author and dietitian.
As unique as the school is, it offers a North American curriculum together with the International Baccalaureate Diploma program quite unlike other schools that made this list.