10 Most Visited Websites in Kenya

Kenya has not been left far much behind when it comes to information technology. In fact, the country is regarded among the top countries in the region which has embraced ICT. This is evident from the number of searches and interactions that take place via the internet. According to the latest Alexa Ranking, the following are the most visited websites in Kenya:

10 Most Popular Websites in Kenya (Latest Ranking)

 1. Standardmedia.co.ke

Standard media.co. - Most visited Websites in Kenya

Going by Alexa rankings, this is the most searched for website in Kenya. It is owned by the Standard Media Group. The group owns one of the largest newspaper publishing firms. It also owns a television network. People visit their site at www.standardmedia.co.ke to get the latest news in the country, region, as well as globally. The site will cover all kinds of news whether sports, entertainment, business, or politics.

2. Nation.co.ke


Nation.co.ke is the website of another leading newspaper publisher in the country. The company prints and distributes The Daily Nation, The East African, as well as other weekly and monthly publications. It also owns Nation TV, QTV. In addition, the group runs Easy Fm and Q Fm radio stations. The Latest news and TV programming can be accessed through their website at www.nation.co.ke.

3. Capitalfm.co.ke


Capital Fm is one of the leading radio stations in the countries. It was also among the first privately owned FM stations to be established in Kenya. Capital FM is owned by business mogul, Chris Kirubi who is among the wealthiest Kenyans. The station broadcasts its programs in English and mostly targets the teenagers and youth. Visiting www.capitalfm.co.ke allows people to listen to live radio.

4. Ghafla.co.ke


Ghafla is undoubtedly the largest blog post in Kenya. Although started only a few years ago, it has won the hearts of many Kenyans. The site offers the latest news especially on entertainment, social media, and politics. The site also features online polls on entertainment related issues. It can be accessed via www.ghafla.co.ke.

5. Safaricom.co.ke


Safaricom.co.ke is the website of Kenya’s largest mobile service provider Safaricom. The online platform features a variety of items. This includes online shopping, apps store, latest market news, and customer support. www.safaricom.co.ke is also the most popular corporate website.

6. Cheki.co.ke


Cheki is the leading car website. The e – commerce website enables people buy and sell new as well as used cars. It comprises of private sellers and auto dealers. The site features a photo gallery of the vehicles, the specs, price, as well as the seller’s contact. The site can be viewed through www.cheki.co.ke.

7. Brightermonday.co.ke


Brightermonday.co.ke is the number one job search site in Kenya. It posts thousands of jobs available in the market. In order to access the latest details, a user needs to register and log in through www.brightermonday.co.ke . Currently, no fee is charged to register with the site.

 8. Kenyan-post.com

Kenyan-post.com is a blog site that features different events taking place in the region. It will cover politics, entertainment, and general news. It also allows viewers to contribute to a trending topic. To get daily updates, one needs to log in to www.kenyan-post.com.

 9. Kenyanjobs.blogpost.com

Kenyan jobs is also another popular website in Kenya that provides job details of various vacancies. It updates its information on a daily basis hence users will always view the latest vacancies. More information on the employment opportunities is available at www.kenyanjobs.blogpost.com.

 10. Jumia.co.ke

Jumia is one of the well known e-commerce sites in Kenya. It allows traders to interact through its platform. It is well liked by many people due to its easy setup and user friendly interface. The registration is free and only takes a few minutes. If you are looking for a great bargain or you wish to sell an item, you simply need to go to www.jumia.co.ke.

A closer look at the above list reveals the following: Kenyans have embraced e-commerce hence are trading online more often. It also reveals that people are turning to the internet as their preferred mode for job search. We can also see that social media has taken shape in the country. This probably explains the popularity of blog sites in Kenya