11-year-old Girl Set To Become Britain’s Youngest Mom

An 11-year-old girl who is expected to give birth anytime soon in the east of England is set to become Britain’s youngest mom.

According to the Police, the father of the baby is said to be a few years older than the 11-year-old.

Further details of the pregnancy will not be made public for legal reasons as the police seeks strict reporting restrictions in the family division of the High Court.

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The Britain’s youngest mom title was previously held by Tressa Middleton, who gave birth at the age of 12.

She was said to have been raped by her then 16-year-old brother and subsequently suffered terribly from depression during the period of her pregnancy.

Britain's Youngest MomTressa Middleton with her baby Annie Middleton

Tressa who is now 23 gave her baby up for adoption two years after she was born.

Tressa’s life after she gave birth was full of alcohol and drugs which she suffered an addiction to. She was taken from one care home to the other but has now announced that she has turned her life around and has settled down with fiance Darren Young, 30.

Tressa also revealed in a statement that she has conceived again and is expecting another baby soon having felt haunted by the absence of her first born as she struggled to conceive again.

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”Not having my daughter with me still affects me every single day and I thought I was being punished for what happened with her, for letting her go.”

”I am so grateful I am finally going to be the mother I have longed to be all these years. But I don’t ever want my first child to think I abandoned her, or that I am replacing her with this new baby.”

Britain's Youngest MomTressa with fiance Darren Young

”I’d welcome her back tomorrow with open arms if I could and I hope she knows she will always be a part of our family.”

”But this is the future for me and I can’t keep looking back. The past has made me even more determined to keep this child and give him or her the best possible life.”

Around the world, there are so many young girls out there who still battle domestic violence, sexual abuse, rape, incest, etc.

The soon to be Britain’s youngest mom whose name was withheld is no different. The feeling of self-delusion, depression and the pains of childbirth for an underaged child can’t really be fully imagined.