15 Year old Child Bride Dies While Giving Birth

A child bride in Turkey died of a brain hemorrhage according to reports after giving birth at the young age of 15.

The girl was forced into an arranged marriage at the age of fourteen and is said to have given birth about a week ago.

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The bleeding that is thought to have killed her is believed to have been associated with going into labour at such a young age.

The teenager identified only as Derya died on October 17 in a private hospital in Batman, east Turkey.

She delivered her baby in a village in the Mukti district of Turkey before being taken to the Batman hospital in eastern Turkey due to nausea, headaches, and vomiting complaints.

She was admitted to intensive care, but passed away two days later. Prosecutors and the Police have launched an inquiry into the girl’s death. A post-mortem examination to determine the exact cause of death will also be carried out at the Batman Regional hospital.

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Gynecology expert Professor M.D. Aydan Biri told reporters that the cause of death was likely childbirth at a young age.

She said:

”It is dangerous for a child bride to get pregnant. The pregnancies of children who have not completed their physical development and whose organs have not yet completely developed often end in death.” 

According to a new report by Save The Children, a girl under the age of fifteen is married every seven seconds.

The report says early marriage can trigger a cycle of disadvantage across every part of a girl’s life like denying education and full development before reproduction.

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Turkey has a minimum marriage age of 17-years-old although, at sixteen, marriage can still happen without court approval.

The country has one of the highest rates of child marriage in Europe with an estimated 15 percent of girls married before 18 according to campaign group Girls Not Brides.