Raila Hints On 2013 Election Deal With Kalonzo Out-Turn

CORD chief Raila Odinga has spoken for the first time about the 2013 election deal with co-principle Kalonzo Musyoka.

Admitting that there was an election deal, the leader said the deal is no longer effective, citing his coalition’s loss in forming the government as the main reason which renders the agreement unjustifiable.

The ODM leader defiantly said, nonetheless, that Cord’s 2013 list of candidates would be duplicated in 2017 in a winning ticket with a former Prime Minister and a former Vice President.

Raila confesed that said agreement stated that he would serve for just one term and then hand over to the Wiper boss in 2017, had their party won the country’s leadership. But the election deal can be called invalid following the outcome, the leader said.

In an interview on Citizen TV on Sunday night, the politician described the open secret treaty “an agreement frustrated by circumstances” — referencing his allegation that 2013 presidential poll was rigged by jubilee.

Raila said:

“If we win the elections, we run the government for five years. Then somebody else should support somebody else,” 

But we have not yet run the government. So we have nothing to hand over. Okay. So you can see it’s an agreement, which is frustrated by circumstances.

Raila’s comments about the MOU appears to be the most reliable hint that the agreement might not be used in choosing Cord’s 2017 flag bearer, even in the face of unbending pressure from Kalonzo’s supporters on him to act as a political Godfather.

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A fraction of Wiper leaders insist that the agreement has automatically made the former Vice President, the party’s de facto presidential candidate.

Wiper party secretary general Hassan Omar said:

“The support of Kalonzo was not based on the election victory of 2013 and Wiper will be pushing for Kalonzo’s candidacy during Cord’s negotiations for a flag bearer.”

Ford Kenya chief, Moses Wetangu’la, wasn’t part of the MoU, and said he is going after State House seat. He said he can’t wait until 2022.


Raila also in the interview said his plan to select Kalonzo as his second-in-command is the most certain way to remove President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto from the State House.

Quoting Raila:

“At least we have shown that this is a winning team. They always tell you, you don’t change a winning team. You retain it. But the coach and the fans have a right to express their wishes. That is democracy.”

Speaking on possible split, Raila accused the media of working in favour of Jubilee by spreading news that Cord could separate over disagreements among co-principals over who will become the party’s presidential candidate.

The ex-PM claimed “fear mongering” over a looming split was being spearheaded by the media on behalf of Jubilee.

“Leave it to us. It’s not a matter of public conjecture or debate. Cord supporters have a lot of confidence in us. They know we will reach an angreement.”

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The fear of disintegration started a few weeks ago after Raila missed Wetangu’la’s chaotic presidential launch on April 2. The act led to each leaders’ supporters raining insults on themselves. Raila on Sunday night cautioned all coalition leaders to show respect to each other and let democracy take its course.