3 Unregistered Voters Saw Their Names Registered In IEBC, Swear Affidavits

A few individuals swore affidavits on Thursday after  they discovered that their names were already included in the IEBC list of registered voters even though they never registered, The Stars reports.

The three persons are Abdulai Guracha, Roselyne Atelo and Melene Adhiambo. They had gone to a registration centre located at Ndururuno polling centre in Mathare constituency to get registered only to discover the unusual.

Atelo revealed that officials of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission told her she was a registered voter in Juja constituency.

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But she never did, except that she had only shown her national identity card during a National Youth Service recruitment.

According to her:

I shared my finger prints and ID number with the NYS in Kiandutu on January 28 when we were asked to register afresh for our jobs.

Guracha also said:

The person appearing in the register is not me. I fear this may be part of a larger scheme to perpetrate fraud.

Adhiambo also noted that she didn’t have her ID during last election and as such didn’t vote but on getting to registration center, she was told that she was a registered voter who even voted last election.

According to her:

The IEBC clerks mentioned to me that I voted during the 2013 general election yet I lost my ID in 2010. I did not vote.

I renewed my identity card in June 2015 at the Huduma Centre in Eastleigh.

The three swore their affidavits at the office of the Commissioner of Oaths.

All politicians have been sensitizing people to get registered since IEBC started its voter registration happening everywhere around the country.

The process is to continue till March 15. But could it be that it is already flawed with corruption?

If the claims of these three persons are true, then it is either the commission is making use of a system that register people automatically or something erroneous is happening somewhere.

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