In Photos: Kenyan Man Attacked In The US, Suffers 37 Knife Cuts

US police say they are investigating an unprovoked knife attack in Arlington, Texas, which left a Kenyan man, Kennedy Odhiambo, with serious multiple injuries.

The 38-year-old Kenyan man, Kennedy Odhiambo, suffered serious knife injuries in the attack and was taken to hospital, where he remains in a stable condition, police said.

The assailant stabbed the victim several many times before fleeing the scene. In the attack by an American man, Kennedy Odhiambo was stabbed 37 times.

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Odhiambo’s sister, Anna Obare, said he had a female visitor at his home and it is believed that she invited the attacker at some point around 8pm.

Kennedy Odhiambo attacked in the US

Odhiambo recognized the attacker as having offered him accommodation a good number of times in the past. As luck would have it, Odhiambo’s brother Eddy Otieno arrived at the residence just in time. His brother on stepping into the scene got attacked as well as the assailant tried to choke him with a cord.

Otieno scrabbled out of the scene and alerted the police. Luckily enough, the knife-wielding attacker wounded just his victim at his home in the US but his brother did not sustain any injury.

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Police was then dispatched to the scene after receiving emergency calls reporting that a man had stabbed a Kenyan man and was threatening others, police said.

The man who threatened to kill his brother escaped before the police arrived to the scene even though the force and paramedics arrived soon after.

Kennedy Odhiambo was then rushed to a hospital and is said to be in stable condition. Police are searching for the attacker who is to be charged with assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder.