Here are 43 Countries You Can Travel To With No Visa From Kenya

Do you know that with your Kenyan international passport, you can visit over 43 countries around the world VISA FREE or VISA ON ARRIVAL? without a visa, Kenyan nationals can actually travel to many countries. So where can you go with a passport of Ghana without a visa? there are lots and lots of them, several commonwealth countries allow you to visit their countries without any visa, yes, without applying or obtaining a visa, it’s that simple. But it should be noted that there’s a stipulated length of time for which you can stay in these countries without a visa, when this period elapses, you’ll be required to obtain a visa. Some countries listed here would grant you visa upon arrival for a small fee. Also bear in mind that entry requirements change constantly so it is always advisable to check with the embassy of any country close to the time of your travel.

The Following Are 43 Countries You Can Travel To With No Visa From Kenya


1. Antigua & Barbuda

2. Bahamas

3. Botswana

4. British Virgin Islands

5. Burundi

6. Barbados

7. Cayman Islands

8. Comoros (Required but can be obtained on arrival)

9. Costa Rica (If you have a valid Permanent Resident Card or Visa to US, Canada, UK or any European country)

10. Dominica (Not to be Confused with Dominican Republic)

11. Dominican Republic (Buy a $10 Tourist Card and Same condition as Costa Rica above applies)

12. Ethiopia (365 Days allowed Visa Free)

13. Fiji (120 Days)

14. Grenada

15. Ghana

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16. Haiti

17. Hong Kong (Yes, It’s a country)

18. Jamaica

19. Lesotho

20. Macau (Apply on entry for 30 days and renew every 30 days after that)

21. Malaysia

22. Malawi

23. Micronesia (30 Days)

24. Montserrat (180 Days)

25. Namibia (Tourist Visa Not required, Business Visa required)

26. Nauru

27. Panama (Same conditions as Costa Rica above)

28. Philippines (21 Days)

29. Rwanda

30. Saint Helena

31. Saint Kitts & Nevis

32. Saint Vincent Grenadines

33. Samoa

34. Seychelles

35. Singapore

36. Swaziland
37. Tanzania

38. Trinidad & Tobago

39. Tuvalu

40. Uganda

41. Vanuatu

42. Zambia

43. Zimbabwe

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