Visa From Kenya

Do you know that there are countries all over the world that you can actually visit without needing to have a visa from Kenya? In such countries, all you need is your Kenyan international passport.

Although there are several Commonwealth countries that allow you to visit their countries without any visa, yes, without applying or obtaining a visa, there are also many others that allow you to also visit without needing one. It should be noted, however, that there’s a stipulated length of time for which you can stay in these countries without a visa, and when this period elapses you’ll be required to obtain a visa.

Some countries listed here would grant you visa upon arrival for a small fee. Also, bear in mind that entry requirements change constantly so it is always advisable to check with the embassy of any country close to the time of your travel.

Here Are 43 Countries You Can Travel To With No Visa From Kenya

Visa From Kenya.

1. Antigua & Barbuda

Without needing to have a visa, you will be able to visit these islands for 30 days. Located in the Caribbean, this country has a population of almost two thousand people. As it is with other countries in the Carribean, this is a hot spot for vacation seekers.

2. The Bahamas

With many islands, the Bahamas is the place for anyone looking for adventure and ready to explore the beauty of nature. With your international passport, you will be allowed into the Bahamas for as much as 3 months.

3. Botswana

Botswana is another country that is generous enough to allow you in for 90 days to enjoy the safari and all that the country has to offer.

4. The British Virgin Islands

This British territory is located in the Carribean and it has a number of islands that are very much inviting to tourists. Also known as the Virgin Islands, it has a population of over 30 thousand people.

5. Burundi

Burundi is another country that has its doors open if you are looking for an African country to go to without a visa. It gives you 3 months of visa-free visit.

6. Barbados

Another country in the Caribbean region that allows you in is Barbados, which lets you spend some time with just your Kenyan passport.

7. The Cayman Islands

This British island is also another very interesting place that doesn’t require for a Kenyan to have a passport before you can decide to visit.

8. Comoros (Required but can be obtained on arrival)

With Comoros, you can actually visit the country without needing to have a visa; but after you have arrived, you will need one, based on how long you may want to stay.

9. Costa Rica

With Costa Rica, things are a little different from what you get with most other countries that you can go to without your visa from Kenya. Once you have a Permanent resident card or a Visa to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, or any European country, you will be welcome to the country. Apart from these, you will need to have a visa before you can get there.

10. Dominica (Not to be confused with the Dominican Republic)

visa from kenya
Emerald Pool Lagoon in Dominica (Image Source)

Dominica is a country that people easily confuse with the Dominican Republic. While you need a visa or at least fulfill some requirements before visiting the Dominican Republic, you can visit Dominica for 21 days without needing to have a visa.

11. Dominican Republic

Except getting a tourist card, this has the same requirements as with Costa Rica.

12. Ethiopia (365 Days allowed Visa Free)

With people that are very beautiful and places that many people would love to visit, the home of the African Union is one of the countries that you can visit without a visa from Kenya for up to a year.

13. Fiji 

Fiji is not one of those countries that are known by many people, but it is a nice place to visit. Located in  South Pacific Ocean, the country has a population of less than a million people and it is open for 120 days for those that may wish to visit for tourism purpose.

14. Grenada

Grenada welcomes you in for up to 4 months and all you need is your national passport. It is a country that is located in the southeastern Caribbean Sea.

15. Ghana

This West African country is one of the most culturally overwhelming countries to visit in Africa. It has friendly people, good food, and rich tourism. The good news is that you can visit Ghana even without having a visa. However, you will need to confirm with the embassy to find out the number of days you can spend.

16. Haiti

You do not need to have a visa from Kenya before you can make it to Haiti as the Carribean nation makes it possible for you to visit and enjoy the tourism that is synonymous with all the Carribean countries for three months.

17. Hong Kong

What has remained debatable is whether or not Hong Kong is a country. Well while the debate rages, what is for sure is that as a Kenyan, you can go to Hong Kong without having to get a Visa at least for 90 days. If, however, you want to go to China, you will need to have a visa.

18. Jamaica

One of the most loved places among music lovers, Jamaica is another great place that you can go most especially places such as Kingston. Interestingly enough, you do not need a Visa to visit the country. However, you will need to confirm with the embassy to know how long you can stay in the Caribbean country.

19. Lesotho

Lesotho welcomes Kenyans with only their passports for up to 90 days. The country which is popular for hiding in South Africa is a very great place for those who need tourism that will expose them to excellent culture.

20. Macau

visa from Kenya
Galaxy Hotel Macau (Image Source)

Here, you get to enter from Kenya without necessarily needing a visa but when there, you will need to apply for 30 days and have it renewed for every 30 days that you will remain in this highly beautiful and glittering country.

21. Malaysia

Malaysia has become the hotbed for a lot of things including business, education, and tourism. As a result of this, many people are thronging in to have a glimpse of the magnificent country. For a Kenyan, you do not need to have a Visa before you can visit for 30 days.

22. Malawi

Malawi makes it possible for Kenyans to visit for up to 90 days even when you do not have a visa.

23. Micronesia

In the Oceania subregion is this very interesting place that as you would guess, is a tourist hub. With over 600 islands, there is hardly a thing you will not see here. You are free to visit for 30 days.

24. Montserrat 

Again, Montserrat is not a very popular country except for the fact that it is a place loved by those really seeking for tourism. The British protected territory is one place that you can get into without a visa.

25. Namibia

If you are heading to Namibia to celebrate the tourism and enjoy all the country has to offer, you will not need a visa as it protects those coming in for tourism purpose from having a visa. However, if business is what is bringing you, then you will need to have one.

26. Northern Cyprus

Away from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, the Nothern Cyprus is also known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. While not completely recognized as a country, Northern Cyprus is another place that many would not think twice to visit. With less than 500 thousand people, this country that is good for tourism allows you to visit without a visa.

27. Panama

This North American country gives you as much as 180 days when you are coming with no visa from Kenya. Close to Costa Rica and Colombia, this country is a good place for one to visit on vacation.

28. The Philippines

When you want to visit the Philippines which is a country located in the Western Pacific and has thousands of islands either for vacation or something else, the country welcomes you even without a visa for as much as 30 days.

29. Rwanda

Inasmuch as Rwanda will not be the first point of call for many because they don’t know the things it has to offer, it is an abundant country when it comes to tourist attractions. From places such as the Volcanoes National Park to the Virunga National Park and many more, this country is good to visit and it gives you 6 months without a visa from Kenya.

30. Saint Lucia

visa from Kenya
St Lucia (Image Source)

Located in the eastern Caribbean Sea, this has places like the Marigot Bay, Rodney Bay, Pigeon Island, and many other places including the St. Lucia Botanical Gardens that are not only wonderful for vacation, but also for a honeymoon. This country gives 6 weeks without a visa, even though you can get it on arrival.

31. Saint Kitts & Nevis

This country lies between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, making it another good place for those looking for water adventure. Under the reign of the British monarchy, this doesn’t ask for a visa if you have your passport.

32. Saint Vincent Grenadines

Found in the southern Caribbean, this is a nation that is made of different islands that are very inviting. The nation gives a free visit for up to a month.

33. Samoa

With slightly less than 200 thousand people, Samoa is a country that gives you entry permit when you arrive and it allows you stay for 20 days without needing a visa. Made of different islands, this is yet another good place to visit.

34. Seychelles

For those of us that are massively in love with great places and good vacation, there is hardly a place better than Seychelles. You can visit this country for 3 months even though you will require a Visitor’s Permit on arrival.

35. Singapore

Although this may not be the first among the number of places you would naturally want to visit, there is still a lot to see and enjoy in this island country. It gives you 30 days to stay with only your Kenyan national passport.

36. Swaziland

The kingdom of Swaziland is a very peculiar nation that a lot of people would want to visit. If you are in that class, you will not be needing a visa when going and for the next thirty days you are spending there.

37. Tanzania

With no visa from Kenya, you can also travel to Tanzania for 90 days. This is very easy to understand since the two nations share a border.

38. Trinidad & Tobago

This twin Caribbean nation is an island that has a lot to offer as far as tourism and beauty is concerned. The country makes it possible for people to visit without necessarily having a visa.

39. Tuvalu

While you can visit Tuvalu without a visa for up to a month, there is a provision for visa on arrival.

40. Uganda

While Uganda allows people from Kenya to come in without a visa, you will need to confirm from the embassy how long you can stay before needing one.

41. Vanuatu

This is a small island that has excellent beauty to show off making it one of the great places for tourists even though it is a silent one. The nation is located in the South Pacific and it allows kenyans in for up to 30 days without needing to have a visa.

42. Zambia

Zambia is another country that welcomes you if you are coming from Kenya with no visa. The country that is located in the southern part of the continent and has over 16 million people is open to you for 90 days before you can get a visa.

43. Zimbabwe

Finally, even though not the last or least of countries you can visit without a visa from Kenya is Zimbabwe. The country allows you to stay for as much as 30 days without having a Visa.

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