5 Campus Personalities You Should Keep At Bay When You Make It To Campus

In this age, every parent is careful about the environment where their children grow. Thus the need to ensure that they lead a good life entirely free from any form of corruption of the mind and bare of any form of negative influence from peers or unworthy role models. But the reality is, no matter how hard parents work to raise their children to become people of noble character, those children still have a role to play in the process too. Knowing that parents will not go to school with their children, they should always work hard to follow the right path which they are trained to walk in. For fresh undergraduates in the university, we’ve discovered 5 types of people in campus that you should totally avoid in order to reach your goals excellently in school. Take a look.

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1. Run From Guys Without Work

Not just for the ladies, but both young girls and boys stepping into the university should avoid mingling with jobless campus guys. And by job we don’t mean employment in which the guy earns money, rather it means guys without focus. It is most probable that this guy is also on the weed. He never attends any lecture, he spends most of his time sitting somewhere strategic in the school where he can eye girls and make improper and vulgar comments. Mingling with a guy with like this automatically destroys your reputation and your vision. So to protect yourself inside and outside school, keep persons like this some yards away.

2. The Guy Always Puffing Out Marijuana Smokes

Shrug off a guy who is always puffing on his marijuana or feasting some laced products. This type is just like the jobless guy in campus. He never goes to classes. If he should ever go, he is lost and can’t even say what’s happening. They are so unreliable. If he can’t make you smoke, he is probably going to implicate you one day. He might tuck on you his contraband for hiding or implicate you during exams. And if you leave with this type of guy, you will be welcoming on a regular note strange people knocking on your door at strange times. Also no amount of air freshener will stop your room from smelling like a weed farm all the time.

3. The Born Again Freak

Don’t get it wrong, but a born again fanatic should always be avoided. While it is good to lead a good life in the campus and having the fear of whatever God you believe in, but fanaticism can be depressing particularly trying to use pressure on others into joining the same religion. Persons like this will criticize your dressing, your friendship with the opposite sex, how you walk, what you say in fact everything you do that is against their belief. They will do anything to convert you to their own faith, even if you tell them you strongly can’t change your faith. They will never give up and at times will make you think you are wasting time in your faith and that you are already walking down the hell gate with the devil for some of the practices in your church. And if they have your number, they will keep sending you messages reminding you that you will go to hell or join their services.

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4. The Turn Up Girl

party gals

Avoid the girl who turns up everyday. The type that leaves the room everyday at 10 pm dressed to show off body parts that lure men into temptation and returns very early in the morning drunk. Except you are this type of girl you are bound to join because you will never beat this type. But if you think you can overcome this type of girl, be ready to wake up at odd hours of the morning whenever she is back or stepping out whether you like it or not. And how about your privacy? You might be dressing in the bathroom right after having your bath without having to dress under good air because it is also likely that several guys including dark-skinned, light-skinned, short, tall,  in fact all categories of guys will always visit your room looking for her. Your room will never be in short supply of guys so forget being free in your room as you would ordinarily if you were living with a more reserved girl.

5. The Know It All or Jack of All Trades And Master of None.

There is always one person like this for every class in the institution of higher learning. The student who is often certain he is more intelligent than the rest of you and possibly more than the lecturer. To him, he should be having his master class rather than sitting in class with an unintelligent bunch like all of you. This type goes into a long debate with the lecturer when you are about to go for recess. He is the type who also demands for extra sheet when you are about to start out with number one question. And when he does that, he will throw you into tension and anxiety because you are yet to start while he is already rounding off. Fear people like that, you are only going to feel less of yourself and might  never work hard to do better because to you, nothing can be done to know better than him.