5 Hot Kenyan Female DJs With The Most Alluring Bodies

Unless you are always attending super-boring parties or you’re somebody who is always drunk in hate, you have to admit that there are some super super hot female DJ in Kenya. They are real stunning and killing beauties that we can’t overlook the swags they bring to the Dj world in Kenya.

Well let’s be fair, except you are from Kenya, you may not understand how much Kenyan men thirst for theses hot beauties in a male dominated world. But they find consolation in watching and following every move these ladies make. And these women recognizing how slaying their bodies are, flaunt them on social media with utter confidence. From flaunting their curvaceous a**es to posing their hips in tempting positions, they make sure that men crave for them.

Apart from rating them A+ for being irresistibly hot and for melting the hearts of Kenyan men into tiny little pieces, we laud them for consistently bringing all kinds of hot music mixes that get us move our feet incredibly even when we don’t want to.

Below are the five Kenyan female DJs with the most alluring bodies:

1. DJ Pierra

DJ Pierra

Not only is DJ Pierra very hot and undoubtedly the sexiest female DJ in Kenya, but so are her productions. Through her works, she has drawn unending attention to herself and triggered the discussion of feminism in the DJ world. It is always a pleasure listening to the gorgeous DJ. She’s now almost 35 years old but still remains that slaying DJ at the turntable. If you think she isn’t all that hot, you could ask Nonini. He grabbed her hips in his latest video, so he perfectly understands how irresistibly gorgeous she really is. Check her out.


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2. DJ Dii


This pretty face is the woman behind your most preferred jam and she is called DJ Dii. With such great looks on her downside it makes sense, to literally call her butt ‘wicked’. She has a sexy body that makes her look exceptional in anything she wears. Everything about her body is killing and inviting, from her honey-like face to her princess toes, she is just so cute a DJ. See for yourself.

DJ Dii1

3. DJ Shanize


Shanize is a gospel Dj with one of the most sexy hips in Kenya. Even though she is not on the side of worldly entertainment, Shanize knows she is really sexy and does not bury this fact. She makes sure she does not miss out on getting men thirsty for her. In all, she is close to Rev. Cathy Kuina, and does not forget she is called to do God’s work.

4. DJ Tabz


DJ Tabz is so damn stunning that our hearts can barely stand it. She has a very young face as well as remarkable curves. Apart from being one of the famous and talented DJs with hot mixes in Kenya and doing God’s work as a gospel female DJ, she has the full capability of breaking some necks.

dj-tabz (1)

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5. DJ Malaika

DJ Malaika2

Dj Malaika is a fast rising DJ based in Nairobi and among the hottest female Djs in Kenya. She has a sparkling personality and knows how well to captivate the hearts of her audience. She is already witnessing a meteoric rise in her career which is a testament to her abilities. In no time, she will certainly be categorized as one of the most sought-after female performers in Kenya. Her most distinguishable feature is her well constructed hips. Seems curvy hips is now a prerequisite to become a model or DJ in Kenya right? Well, nobody is complaining, after all we all love the sight!