Kenyan Celebs and socialites show off beach bodies every now and then making sure that everybody gets to see their enviable bodies– Any time of the year they strip down and head for the water for a bit of fun in the sun, they take photos that will satisfy the sight of fans when they catch sight of the photos. Although bikinis are not for everybody as folds and fat stop many from showing off their skin, these celebrities know they are made for them. They are never hesitant to show off some skin when going for a dip. Well, here are a few celebrities who flaunt their beach style and look nice in their bikini when they took a stroll on the beach or pool’s sand.

Note: These noteworthy celebs are ranked in no particular order.

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 1. Mayonde


This curvaceous singer-songwriter Diana Mayonde unveiled her bikini photos quite lately and drove her fans insane. The well-structured celebrity not only knows how to sing or how to carry her voice to any extent, but also knows how to rock amazing bikini to earn a collective wow from fans.

2. Tallia Oyando


This teen star turned radio presenter knows how to rock her bikinis and swimsuits. She is one of the fittest mums you will come across in this town. Her killer abs and curves fits perfectly in the swim-suit. The pretty woman made sure to stay beautiful with her full makeup while in the pool…which is cute.

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 3. Lupita Nyong’o


The slay queen showed off her desirable body in a white Marysia bikini on the beach in Maui. The photos of Lupita Nyong’o rocking a tiny bikini as seen above came out nice and fans felt happy with the look in the swim suit. The Oscar-winning actress accessorized with a Janessa Leone straw hat and the belly chain no doubt looks stunning in any dress she wears. I guess being an Oscar winner makes you a fairly confident woman. Lupita you’re certainly lovely, and amazingly breathtaking. Of course I said it directly to her so you could help share this post across until it gets to the stunning African queen.

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4. Adelle Onyango


Adelle Onyango is another stunner in bikini and doesn’t hesitate to show off her beach body when it’s time to. The bubbly presenter took a photo of her trip to the beach looking super hot in a rainbow coloured bikini, and got everybody salivating. Well, somebody with such a bikini-ready body, would get just everybody craving.

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 5. Sharon Mundia

Sharon Mundia-3

She’s charming and got that confident side to her that makes you want more. But she’s very sweet at the same time. This fashion blogger, Sharon is always looking adorable in any thing she wears … and bikini? It does the nicest job on her. This beauty, brainy and action blogger is among the few Kenyan celebrities that look amazing in bikini. For the magnificent look, one might be forced to suggest she wears a two-piece bikini everyday and to anywhere in Kenya.

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