5 Very Chilling Videos Of Real Ghosts Caught On CCTV Cameras

Ever wondered about the after life or stories you have heard of people seeing a loved one or feeling their presence after they have died?

Of course there are lots of such stories being told and most times, we think they are wishful thinking or just plain paranoia. But have you stopped to the thought that we don’t have the answers to everything?

Even some scientists will truthfully answer that some mysteries are inexplicable and border on the uncanny.

In Africa, such stories act as a deterrent measure which to a very reasonable extent has curbed people from murdering or causing the death of another intentionally. Maybe because of the age-old belief by majority that such people will haunt them thereafter.

We have also heard people retelling spooky tales and supernatural events that may make you pause with chills and goose bumps.

While we have heard stories of some who hear voices,  we have also heard stories of ghosts visiting friends and loved ones hours after their deaths especially when the said loved one had not even heard of the person’s demise – usually said to occur after a sudden death caused by accidents .

Stories of people who have had visits from a ghost in their sleep coming to relay messages for their loved ones have also been told.

Also, recently a tale of a ghost that appeared in a picture taken after the purported being have been long-buried hit the internet and it got people pondering if the dead actually watch over their families. Sounds scary, right?

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But yes it brings to us to consciousness that some unknown spirits may be walking this earth with us.

And in some circumstances, strange events usually occur for those regarded as “suspects” whether such occurrence was a coincidence or “revenge” one may never know.

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These frightening tales has been documented since ancient times and continue to fascinate people today.

One might have heard of cases where a big beautiful mansion is labelled “haunted” and abandoned because people believe that ghosts reside in such houses.

Though in some cases the houses fascinate potential buyers, leading to the realtors hiking the price of the “haunted” house, funny huh?

These stories range from harmless to confusing to downright terrifying. However, here are five such kind of incidents caught on camera. They were not filmed by any conscious intent. But they may just make you have a rethink, if you are a realist.

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