50 Cent Punches Female Fan At Concert (Video)

A video of 50 Cent punching a female fan at a concert is making rounds on social media.

According to the ninety-second clip obtained by TMZ, the rapper punched the woman during a concert in Baltimore. He was performing with The Lox during their ‘Filthy America…It’s Beautiful’ tour on Saturday when he tried to shake the hand of a fan, leading to the incident.

50 Cent stretched to shake the hand of the overzealous female fan who grabbed his arm, resulting in him falling off the stage.

The 41-year-old rapper fell forward but spontaneously retaliated by punching her in the chest to free himself.

50 Cent

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She eventually let go as security rushed to rescue the rapper. On the realization of what he had done, Fifty invited the lady to the stage which she accepted.

The lady ended up twerking for the crowd as if she was one of his backup dancers as the rapper continued his performance.

No further incidents were recorded and with the way things ended, 50 Cent will be hoping he appeased the lady enough not to file charges against him.

It was reminiscent of the events that led to rapper Kevin Gates getting sentenced to 180 days in jail. Gates, who was performing in Florida in 2015, aggressively kicked a woman for tugging his pants during a concert.

The woman testified in court that everyone was tugging on the rapper but he singled her out to retaliate.

50 Cent will be hoping he does not befall the same fate although, from the look of it, everything is settled. It, however, isn’t the first time the New York native’s run-ins with fans have led to court cases.

Back in 2004, a fan at a concert allegedly threw a water bottle at him which struck him in the head. This led to him running into the crowd as a fight ensued. Three women were reportedly injured in that incident.

Fifty was charged with three counts of assault and battery but avoided a jail sentence.

Watch The Video Of The Punch Below