The long-awaited Nakuru rally by President Uhuru and Hon. William Ruto to celebrate their ICC victory  is underway at the Afrha stadium in Nakuru.

The event is not just any ceremony with security men in just about every corner of the event centre. It is alleged that over 5,000 officers were deployed to manage the crowd as well as control traffic in the area.

Mr Musiambo noted that cars will not be granted access into the central business district and those who will attend the ceremony will have to walk to Afraha Stadium or watch the event live on giant screens mounted at designated places.

Hinting that only transit vehicles using the northern transport corridor will be permitted to drive into town, Musiambo said those coming from Nairobi, Naivasha, Nyahururu and central Kenya will be parked at Section 58 and around Menegai High School grounds. Vehicles coming from western Kenya, Eldoret, Kericho and Baringo will be using the parking lot of Nakuru showground.
Quoting him:

 “Both will be manned by security officers throughout the event and a few hours after”.

The only vehicles that will be allowed into the stadium are those marked VVIP and VIP, ambulances and those carrying security personnel. The preparations for the lively event started yesterday with prompt response to any security alert that would have threatened the peace of the ceremony.

One was linked civil rights activists who were allegedly plotted to demonstrate in support of the Internally Displace Persons (IDPs). After a tip-off, police apprehended the activists led by John Njoroge at the Chambers Hotel where they were having a meeting.

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Rift Valley Regional Coordinator Wanyama Musiambo stated that the eight people detained were having an illegitimate meeting and were making banners for demonstrations. Police said yesterday, that they would face charges.

Internally Displaced Persons are yet to be compensated even as  massive pressure has been mounted on the Jubilee administration to embark on national reconciliation. President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto have in the past, promised to look into the situation of the families afflicted by the 2007/2008 post election violence and set up a Sh10 billion reparation fund.

While the thanksgiving event will be presided over by the two leaders, the event is perceived to be the official launch of the Jubilee Party. Jubilee Alliance party that propelled Kenyatta and Ruto election victory came to being at Afraha stadium.

Yesterday, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua said it was an honour that the county was selected to host the event.

“We feel honoured and excited to host this momentous occasion”.