Over 6 Lions Broke Away From National Park And Are Roaming Lang’ata Estate – KWS

Kenya Wildlife Service officers are imploring the public to help them find the remaining missing lions among the uncertain number of lions that escaped from Nairobi National Park late Thursday.

KWS Corporate Communications Officer Paul Udoto said they were not sure of the number of the lions.

The lions were part of the wild population and we are depending on the public to report if they sight them.

One lioness and her two cubs have been recaptured, while two other animals are said to have returned into the Nairobi National Park without coercion.

KWS senior warden Nelly Palmeris revealed that three lions were recaptured in a housing complex at a military barracks near the park.

According to her, the lions couldn’t have gone too far as the mother was still nursing her two cubs.

It is uncertain whether more lions are still on the loose, though  about 30 lions live in an area spread over 17 sq km (45 sq miles). Locals have been told to report any sightings as soon as they sight the deadly animals to 0800 597 000 or 0800 221 55 66

Two of the lions were seen some distance away from the slum but nobody is sure whether they are among the found ones.

Locals are angry at KWS for taking too much time in hunting down the lions. The park officers have all gone lion hunting to capture the remaining lionesses (uncertain number) after they slipped out of Nairobi National Park.

Paul Udoto is pleading with the public to avoid confronting the lions when sighted because they are deadly.

He also begs all parents to lock their children at home until they get the report that the lions are safely taken back to the park.

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Paul Udoto disclosed they had received reports that the missing lionesses were last seen within NHC houses in Lang’ata and other estates surrounding the Southern by-pass. And after a prompt response by his team, the lions are yet to be captured.

He said:

These are highly populated areas and that is why are intensifying the search, anyone with information about them should share it with us immediately.”

He further revealed that the officers are on a search-and-rescue mission, but information from the public is very vital to help track them down.

According to Paul:

Our teams comprising veterinary officials have been in Lang’ata looking for the animals since 5am. They are dangerous… We ask the public to help in the search.

He explained that the animals have restricted locations which they move to, but that they have wandered off mistakenly to a settlement area in Lang’ata along the Southern bypass.

Udoto said the animals normally walk up to Kitengela area, noting “people have decided to settle in the wildlife corridor.”

Lang’ata is a densely populated area located just adjacent the park. Although KWS officials and the police are really searching the area now, the two teams are afraid the lionesses may cause damage unless they are found and returned to the park in the shortest time possible.

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