6 Reasons Kenyan Women Choose To Marry White Men Over Kenyan Men

With many people moving into the country for work or other reasons, it’s increasingly easy and common to meet or see Kenyan women falling in love with foreigners (white men). In fact nearly all the Kenyan women desire to marry white men. They believe there are all kinds of cultural and linguistic differences that can complicate the relationship, but there are good reasons why Kenyan women have chosen white men over Kenyan men. To them, marrying someone of a different nationality is more worthwhile than getting into the hands of Kenyan men who are nothing to write home about in terms of relationship ethics. Here are some of the reasons Kenya women have thrashed all the tall dark and handsome (TDH) Kenyan men for white men. If you have your own international love, I hope you can relate!

They Crave Mixed-Race Children

Some women say they want to have mixed-race kids and that is why they are going crazy about white men. According to them, such children have amazing looks, stunning natural hair and are smarter and more talented that one race kids. So Cappuccino children are now the basic attraction.

Easy Way of Obtaining a Visa!

Nobody really wants to wrestle through life nowadays. This is among the reasons Kenyan women are all hooking-up with white men – to obtain visa without much effort. Secondly some women reveal that marrying a white man can get them to be touring around the world. They believe white men like tourism with a passion, and have the money to do it.

 They Are Real Gentlemen

White men are the real gentlemen no doubt. They understand the true meaning of ladies first. In fact they adore and respect their women. They consider their women highly and put their feelings at heart. They give as much love, affection, respect and honor as a woman will ever ask for. Just picture a guy who will pull the chair out for a lady, open doors including car doors for her to settle down before he would even think of doing the same for himself and even help her put on makeup. These are things some Kenyans men never get to do for women.

Couple camping in a grassy field
Couple camping in a grassy field

They Are True-Hearted

A white man remains loyal to his woman as long as the relationship exists. He will always remind his woman how beautiful and wonderful she is. How lucky he is to have her around. How he would want to go on with the relationship. According to some Kenyan women, white men are supposedly the most loyal partner you can ever get. To them,  white men hardly lie rather they are bold enough to tell that truth that might seem hurtful as they believe telling the truth will do a lot better than telling that one lie that can pile up  to become a monster in the future of their relationship.

They Are Romantic

Not many Kenyan men like public love. In fact just a handful can actually hold their women’s hand while walking in town. But white men see nothing in letting the world know they really love their women. They like to make their women feel secure because women believe any man who is proud enough to let the world they are in a happy relationship are indirectly making their love stronger. Such men are proud not just because they are in a happy relationship but also proud of their partners. Based on what some women said, white men know just how to take their women down to admirable and fun places like Diani for a sundowner to sip some expensive wine, then later go for a romantic play together.

They Know How To Lavish Money On Their Women

It is the desire of every woman to wear expensive dresses, posh hair-do, live in a stylishly elegant house, drive an upper-class car and most importantly get everything she wants without any limitations. Sadly only white men can offer all of these to their women without complaints. Only white men can take their women out for a date from Sunday to Sunday. As a matter of fact, some ladies believe marrying a white man is ticket to a fortune