63 Year Old Grandfather To Sit For KCPE In November

In a classroom littered with children jumping from one corner to another, throwing thrash around and shouting on the top of their voices, 63-year-old Samuel Kazungu Kadenge stands out.

Samuel Kazungu Kadenge is a father of eleven who is set to sit for his KCPE exams in November 2016.

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He joined Standard Three at Ganze Primary School in July this year to learn how to read and write. He will then join the Standard Eight candidates in Kilifi County slated to sit for this year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education in November.

Mr. Kadenge will sit for the exams, which he says he is ready for, and also eager to proceed to secondary school to attain the KCSE certificate.

“With the few months that I have been in school, I can say I am ready for KCPE, my dream is to proceed to secondary school so that I can qualify to be enrolled in a training college.”

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The grandfather said he chose to go back to school at his old age after he was treated unfairly and denied management rights to Kimbule Primary School; an institution he founded.

He said the government forced him to hand over the school because he had no education or qualification. He was left heartbroken but took it as a wake-up call.

“I was blocked from sitting on the management committee of the school because I was illiterate, I was demoralized but on the other hand, it reminded me the need to be literate.”

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Mr. Kadenge is now optimistic that he will pass his KCPE and the following KCSE exams in order to become a teacher.

Ganze Primary School headteacher, Anderson Kahindi, described the 63-year-old as outgoing and religious. He added that the school was confident he would make them proud in the KCPE.