Dumped By Her Ugandan Husband, 68yr-Old Swedish Woman Still Bitter

Remember the 68 year old Swedish woman who got dumped after being married to a 26-year old Ugandan? She still has more to tell about her sham marriage. Mona-lisa Larsson who till date is still numb from the shock of being dumped by her 26-year-old Ugandan husband, Ronald Ssemawere aka Guvnor Ace, took to Facebook few days ago to share once again the lesson she learnt from her experience.

In what appears as a reference to her marriage experience with the younger artist, she speaks on honesty in relationships, saying that people can still achieve their goals when they are honest in relationships.

Her Facebook Post Reads:

“I ‘ve seen that many men and women think about drama they play different games to get gains in a relationship. They are not honest with each other. There is no communication, they don’t want it then it can come up with other partnen who they are.

Her post further went on…

“It must be hard to imagine all the time. It is not possible to build a relationship on dishonesty. But maybe they don’t want any relationship without a transport to reach their goals. I believe that the one who is honest can earn on it. I find it hard to trust people’s words it is the plot, which reveals who they are. We are so naive that we think our partner thinks like us, they don’t.”

She then wrote on selfishness which is common in relationships now, opining that people enter into relationships putting their partners in their plans.

“Why is culture and klastillhörighet important. There is all the time hidden rules to get us to understand, even men and women.

Thinking of different ways, it is important for a woman is not important for a man.
Maybe we should start to see the differences instead of the similarities to föstå each other.

What are the values which objectives we have is our partner of the judicial process or do we see only our needs and benefits.

What do we have for the other on the trip or is the other not in our common plan. We go all too easy in a relationship without knowing the other partner. Do we know övrhuvudtaget ourselves.
A few thoughts that I have.”

Uganda saw an extra-ordinary wedding last year which was between 25 year old Ronald Ssemawere famously called Guvnor Ace and Mona-Lisa Lassorn, a white lady of Swedish origin aged 70 years.

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The aftermath of the wedding which took place at the High Court, Kampala made rounds on the internet with people saying the union is visibly questionable. The Ugandan artist teared into his critics, saying he married her for who she is and not for her money nor to gain access into Europe through her.

However, within months after their wedding, the couple separated with Mona-Lisa accusing Guvnor of being a gold digger who used her to get into Europe and now wants to marry a younger woman. According to her post, Guvnor Ace is seeking political asylum in Norway.