A Must Watch Video For Kenyans After The Garissa Attack

Terrorism in Kenya has been a very sad story whenever it is told. The grieving  relatives of the victims of Garissa attack can’t help but weep continuously for not being there to help their children. Many thoughts linger in their minds. In fact the whole nation also continue to mourn these victims. We all know that this is a wake up call on the nation’s security, and it is also time Kenyans learn how to survive from an unexpected attack.

Keep in mind that the massacre that claimed the lives of 147 people and wounded scores of others at a Kenyan university lasted for hours on Thursday before the terror was over, making Thursday a sad day for both the citizens of Kenya and the world at large.

The gruesome attack affected many families and broke more hopes and dreams. So as Kenyans mourned those killed last week in one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in the nation, I think we should not depend solely on the government’s security to rescue us during this kind of unexpected attacks. Of course, a defense mechanism that will help every one of us to be on the side of safety if need arises is very crucial especially with the increase in the deadly attacks by terrorists.

I don’t really want to delve into the heart-wrenching details on the victims, including one about an elderly man whose dreams died with his son as he had reportedly taken a loan to educate him at the university, where he was killed by Al-Shabaab terrorists, but instead I want to give you some security tips incase you find yourself in this situation. This video requires your entire attention and the need to tactically put yourself on a safer end. We know that some people scaled the fence while some had to hide in a wardrobe so as not to be raided on the Thursday attack,  but this video will give a better tip on how to avoid injuries and death during similar attack.

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In the words of the president Uhuru

This is truly a moment for everyone throughout the country to be vigilant as we continue to confront and defeat our enemies,”

As president Uhuru Kenyatta mentioned, we all need to be on the alert every now and then.  And because not everyone can own a gun, the video above shows how you can survive and escape from an active shooter event.

Perhaps, this video would have been helpful if the victims had watched it earlier before the attack. Remember to share this video with your family and friends because it might come in handy. We recognize the fact that many still have incredible story of survival, but here is little you could do to survive an active shooter attack.

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