Atwoli Come For Ababu, Says He Is In A ‘Bad Show Off’ For Feeding His Newborn

While the internet still sings praises to Ababu Namwamba for abandoning political issues to focus on his family affair, Francis Atwoli decided to take a different on route on the matter.

The Cotu leader angrily railed at some Western leaders for contributing so little in major national issues like the IEBC crisis.

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Expressing his dissatisfaction over the recent pictures showing the ODM secretary, Ababu Namwamba feeding a baby, the politician said he does not approve of the fact that other leaders are busy dealing with crucial issues like one affecting the electoral body and others do nothing but exempt themselves and playing the saint role.

He described the pictures showing the family bond between the Budulang’i lawmaker and his family as a bad show off.

“How do you take such a leave when the party needs you most….what kind of behavior is this,” Francis Atwoli asked.

He added:

“Huo ni ushenzi na upumbavu (That is stupid and ignorance) some of us have more than one wife and grandchildren but we do not go round posting their pictures everywhere.”

Atwoli also lashed at Hamisi MP who was present when he was speaking at the burial of the wife of COTU Chairman Rajab Mondi at Kapchemgum in Hamisi Vihiga County on Saturday.

Francis Atwoli told Hamisi Mp “you and other leaders from this region you are causing embarrassment to our community”.

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He hinted on the expected Luhyia declaration, saying the event is set and all Luhyia people will converge at Muliro gardens and if they are denied access by Kakamega county government, they will head to Bukhungu stadium for the biggest ever Luhyia people gathering.”

He said he will lead the process.

During a debate in parliament, Budalangi MP announced that he had been on  a paternity leave after he welcomed his third child.

He hinted he declined his political presence to help his wife in the nursing of the new baby. The Mp has been absenting himself from political activities.