Ababu Throws Mud At Raila, Announces His New Party

Budalang’i MP Ababu Namwamba has announced that he has bowed out as ODM secretary-general because of betrayal and lack of respect from his party’s top leaders.

He also disclosed that he would leave the party soon to form another party or join an existing one, saying his 25 years ties with ODM had earned nothing for his community.

In a statement, the politician said he and others will hold a press conference and announce the party that will advance the interests of not only the Luhya but Kenyans at large.

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Mr Namwamba further disclosed that ODM leader Raila Odinga had betrayed him, breaking his promises to support him discharge his duty effectively.

He added that his frustration began when his interest of becoming ODM secretary-general was crossed with red mark by a section of people close to Mr Odinga.

Ababu resigns as ODM secretary-general

According to him:

“The night before the elections, our fresh team invited the party leader and asked him if he was uncomfortable with any of us. He assured us of his support despite having intelligence that the elections will be disrupted.The main reason I have become a traitor is because they never expected a Luhya, just like they did with Mr Mudavadi, to rise in the party. They expected us to cheer them, follow them and support them forever. I became an enemy when they realised I was poised to win the position”.

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He further said that his role in ensuring the nomination criteria is transparent also made him an enemy of many.

Mr Namwamba said:

“When Prof Nyong’o was secretary-general, there was no position of secretary of political affairs, there was no director of elections or director of communications. Why were these positions created when I became the secretary-general? The answer is obvious” 

After meeting with party delegates and elders from his constituency, he said:

“After consulting the Banyala elders who advised me to resign and ditch the party, and from your decision as the electorate of Budalang’i and former ODM delegates, I am giving in to your wish of resigning as the party secretary-general.

“Prior to the time I contested for this position, I consulted my friend Raila Odinga and asked him if he thought I could make a good secretary-general. He looked me in the eye and told me I am the best person in the party to succeed Prof Anyang Nyong’o. He told me ‘to go for it“.

Mr Namwamba resignation as ODM secretary-general comes after Funyula MP Paul Otuoma resigned as party vice-chairman on Saturday, citing similar complaint.

The party has said recent resignations will not in any way set the party back, saying that the absence of those leaving is good for the coalition. But in real sense of it,  the resignations should worry Mr Odinga, who is fighting to sustain his political support of the western region.