Shocking Revelation: Abducted Lawyer’s Genitals Crushed Before Death

Pathologist Andrew Gachie submitted a report to the court which shows that the abducted Kenyan lawyer, his client and their taxi driver were tortured before they were killed.

 Gachie, told the court that an examination of the body of lawyer Willie Kimani indicated that his genitals had been crushed.

His skull had also been crushed – and he had passed away from trauma caused by a smash on his head with a blunt object.

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The taxi driver died from strangulation and he apparently had a rope tied round his neck.

The client of the abducted Kenyan lawyer, Josephat Mwendwa, had died from head, neck and chest injuries.

Many think rogue police officers carried out the killings. The bodies were found a week after the men disappeared.  Mr Kimani had been pursuing a case of police brutality.

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Four police officers are in detention pending an investigation while three other suspects – who are most likely civilians are still at large. No-one has been charged yet.

Genitals of abducted lawyer crushed-3

The Law Society of Kenya is staging a protest in Nairobi today, calling for the resignation of the police chief, the internal security minister and the head of police administration service.

The team probing the murder of Mr Kimani, his client Josephat Mwenda and taxi driver Joseph Muiruri, also found that they were likely murdered at the open field about 1.5km from the turn-off on Mombasa Road, towards the fast growing estate dotted with constructions.

They also said more than six men had told them the men were killed at an open field in Syokimau, probably behind the Mastermind Company.

Mobile telephone tracks of victims, as learnt, yielded crucial leads to the suspects.