Man Sobs Like A Child When Ophaned Baby He Saved Miraculously Came Back To Life – Motivational Video

Abu Kifah rescued a baby girl from Syria rubble and held her protectively in his arms. He stares into her wide brown eyes and was delighted with joy and pride.

The look on the child’s face, covered in dust and blood streaks, got him crying. It’s difficult to ascertain for sure what Abu Kifah had in mind when he cried, since they were soft cries in the back of an ambulance. It could be tears of disbelief or grieve or even love.

But we are sure that it was an unbelievable moment for him. Plus, there was an instant connection between them;  he admitted to feeling like he was holding his daughter.

And as the girl makes a small baby sound, Abu held her carefully and muttered a sincere plea over and over. “Ya Allah.” Dear God.

The mini me is only another child who fell victim of the airstrike in the Syrian city of Idlib.

Wahida Ma’artouk’s life would have ended had Abu Kifah not saved her.

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The 22-year-old rescuer and his three colleagues were digging through the remains of Wahida’s home for hours before miraculously finding her alive.

This was after an explosion destroyed the little girl’s house in the Syrian city of Idleb.

Though there were blood patches all over her body, she apparently didn’t sustain a major injury but was treated in a hospital for small wounds to her face.

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Even though the adorable child was saved, her three-year-old sister and her grandmother didn’t make it. They perished when the building came down on them.

The young man remembered that after the rescue, he made up his mind to meet Wahida again. For that reason, he traveled for several hours through the dusty Syrian landscape to a patch of farmland her family now calls home.

On reaching their home, he met her cleaned up, safe and excited with just a few scratches on her face.

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In the emotional reunion Kifah said:

“I carried her in my arms again and the night of the rescue came back to me. But I did not cry again!”

Abu Kifah

Footage of the incredible moment when the brave man rescued the baby has been played around the world, and reduced experienced BBC presenter Kate Silverton to tears.

Kifah is also a member of the Syria Civil Defense Force, an incredible organization that turned up at the scene of air strikes to search the rubble for survivors.

At just a month old, she looks at her rescuer innocently unaware of the importance of the moment.

She doesn’t realise she is looking at the man who saved her life.

Watch The Video Of The Touching Resue