Must See Movies: Top 10 African Movies

A list like this can sometimes be subjective as different movies have different settings, African movie industry can be traced back to the early 1970s, since then, hundreds if not thousands more African movies have been produced mainly in the west African region of Africa but we are beginning to see so many African movies emerge from East African countries like Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. We are now in a wonderful global and digital information age with the advent of great technologies like the Internet, digital cameras, streaming video, and mobile devices and computers, movie makers are now showing a more vibrant Africa than the previous Francophone moviemakers did before them.

This list showcases the movies that could be considered as Top 10 African Movies of 2014, while I agree that the list is subjective, feel free to post in the comments section any movie that you feel should be on the list

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1. Nairobi Half Life

This movie is about a young aspiring actor (Mwas) from Kenya with big dreams to make it in the city of opportunity, Nairobi. After moving into the city, Mwas finds that there is much more to the city of opportunity than glitz and glamour that many made it out to be. He finds himself falling into the wrong crowd, in a gang and committing crime while trying to make his big dreams come true. Nairobi Half Life was directed by David Tosh Gitonga and runs 96 minutes.

2. Confusion Na Wa

Confusion Na Wa is a social comedy drama that follows the lives of a group of people as their paths cross over one another’s throughout one day in a diverse Nigerian city. The movie tracks a string of events that link an accidental killing to a murder of an innocent youth. Each of the four lives and stories presented give more and more insight into the happenings. Confusion Na Wa won best Nigerian film in 2013 at the African Movie Academy Awards.

3. Kwaku Ananse

Kwaky Ananse won the best short film at the African Movie Academy Awards in 2013. This movie follows Nyan Kronhwea as she attends her father’s funeral and turns to the spirit world in her search for her father. This short film uses a popular old fable and mythology as a background and plot.

4. Ninah’s Dowry

Ninah’s Dowry is directed by Victor Viyuoh and stars Mbufung Seikeh, Anurin Nwunembom and Norbert Kecha. Ninah has been in an abusive marriage for 7 years with 3 children. When news of her sick father comes to her, she runs away from her husband to speak to her father who put her in bondage. When the news reaches her husband of her pregnancy, he becomes to recovery the bondage he paid or will take back what is his, Ninah. This film runs about 95 minutes.

5. Last Fishing Boat

A fisherman struggles to stay successful because of the depletion of the fish in the lake. Not only is he faced with the decline of fish but the tourist industry threatens his long lasting cultural values. His son, who he expected to follow in his steps, is a tourist guide who has been rumored to sleep with male and female tourists for money. His wife is also tempted by the white tourists who are willing to pay her to sleep with them. The clash of values and modernization becomes a clashing theme within the movie.