Electronic Voting System

Attorney General Githu Muigai on Tuesday told a senate committee that ignorance has misled Kenyans to think Kenya has an electronic voting system.

Speaking to the Senate Legal Affairs Committee on the contentious election laws, AG Muigai clarified that Kenya does not have an electronic voting system.

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He said that Kenya has a manual voting system which is backed up by an electronic system.

“In Kenya, we have a manual voting system with few electronic interventions. Voting largely remains manual,” he said.

“Voting is not an event it is a process. We have no machines to count the votes, we empty the ballot box and count the votes manually.”

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Muigai further explained that the failure of an electronic voting system is almost guaranteed during the election as electronic gadgets are not reliable.

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“If the machines will fail for any reason, the paper ballot shall be in place to take over,” the AG said.

“The manual process is meant to complement and we must eliminate possibilities of polling stations being closed down by returning officers because systems are not working.”

He pleaded with Kenyans to listen to the IEBC on the push for a manual voter system to create a transparent mechanism where it is established that nobody tampered with the system.

“Let us listen to IEBC and what they have to say. Relevant guidelines of electronic voting shall also be availed to the public for scrutiny.”

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Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar, however, rejected AG Muigai claim saying one political wing cannot single handedly amend election laws.

“We don’t want dead voters to vote. We want to cure mischief through the electronic system,” said Omar.