You Won’t Believe How This Al-Shabaab Commander Now Wants To Live His Life

Ahmed Mohamud Afrah, a senior al-Shabaab Commander now wants to live a peaceful life. The senior member of the Somlia-based militants surrendered himself on Sunday, April 17, claiming he now wants to live a free and more reasonable life like the rest of the people in Somalia.

The militant went straight to the Somali national army in Galgudud region of central Somalia to surrender voluntarily.

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Somali National Army Commander in the region, Col. Ahmed Mohamed, revealed to the media that Ahmed Mohamud Afrah embraced amnesty and surrendered to the government.

Mohamed said:

“He was Al-Shabaab commander in charge of zakawat levy collection in this region. He had communication with us and told us that he is planning to leave his militant group,” .

The Somali National Army went on to laud his courage and decision, saying that those who will follow the steps of the group’s commander will be received with open arms.

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Mohamed added that those who are defiant and determined to remain in the group will be dealt with accordingly. The al-Shabaab commander disclosed why he had joined the fighters.

According to Afrah:

Circumstances and fear from the group led me join the Al-Shabaab fighters and accept to hold such position, but I had no freedom inside the group any time. I decided to accept amnesty offer and join my people and the Somali government forces in order to live in peace and without any worry. I am happy, the government officials welcomed me well,”. 

Al-Shabaab has seen intense battles in recent times, with US drones and commandos murdering their militants and commanders. The group has also lost major towns to Amison and the Somali National Army (SNA).

African Union forces with the help of the Somali national forces have killed several al-Shabaab militants, including at least six commanders murdered in lower Shabelle region.

Others who have been murdered include a Kenyan trainer for the group Sheikh Mansur, Hassan Ali, chief Amnyat of lower shabelle region, and Yemeni explosives expert Abu Islam.