Airports in Kenya: A Comprehensive List

It is getting closer to that time of the year when Kenyans travel around the world either for Christmas or New Year, the Aviation Industry is thriving well having recorded a substantial increase in the number of airlines registered and also an increase in the amount of  flights recorded at the main airports in Kenya. This is indeed an exciting time for the aviation industry worldwide, irrespective of the global slow down in the economy that occurred worldwide in 2008, the industry continues to wax stronger and stronger everyday.

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There are numerous domestic and international Airports in Kenya today with many different Kenyan air carriers as well as several other international carriers making use of these local and international Airports. Kenyan Airports are well up to standard with banks, Airport hotels, airport car rental firms, airport transfer services, convention facilities, foreign exchange bureaus, duty-free stores, post offices, health care facilities and bistros just to name a few, We’ve decided to bring you a comprehensive list of Local and International Airports in Kenya. Hopefully you’ll find it informative enough and we hope it will guide you during your next travel, This list comprises of both civil and military airports in Kenya

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List of Civil and Military Airports in Kenya


List of Domestic and International Airports in Kenya

Civil Airports
AmboseliHKAMASVAmboseli Airport
BamburiBMQBamburi Airport
BungomaHKBUBungoma Airport
Bura (Tana River)HKBRBura East Airport
BusiaHKBABusia Airport
EldoretHKELEDLEldoret International Airport
Eliye SpringsHKESEYSEliye Springs Airport
EmbuHKEMEmbu Airport
Garba TulaHKGTGarba Tula Airport
GarissaHKGAGASGarissa Airport
HolaHKHOHOAHola Airport
Homa BayHKHBHoma Bay Airport
IsioloHKISIsiolo Airport
KakamegaHKKGKakamega Airport
KalokolHKFGKLKKalokol Airport
KerichoHKKRKEYKericho Airport
KilaguniHKKLILUKilaguni Airport
Kimwarern/aKRVKimwarer Airport
KisiiHKKSKisii Airport
KisumuHKKIKISKisumu Airport
KitaleHKKTKTLKitale Airport
KiwayuKWYKiwayu Airport
LamuHKLULAUManda Airport
Lewa DownsLewa Airport
LodwarHKLOLOKLodwar Airport
LoitokitokHKLTLoitokitok Airport
LokichogioHKLKLKGLokichogio Airport
LokitaungHKLGLokitaung Airport
LoiyangalaniHKLYLOYLoiyangalani Airport
Mackinnon RoadHKMRMackinnon Road Airport
MagadiHKMGMagadi Airport
MakinduHKMUMakindu Airport
MalindiHKMLMYDMalindi Airport
ManderaHKMANDEMandera Airport
MaralalHKMIKisima Airport
MarsabitHKMBRBTMarsabit Airport
Masai MaraHKKEKeekorok Airport
Masai MaraMREMara Serena Airport
Meru National ParkHKMKMulika Lodge Airport
MombasaHKMOMBAMoi International Airport
MoyaleHKMYOYLMoyale Airport
Mtito AndeiHKMTMtito Andei Airport
NairobiHKJKNBOJomo Kenyatta International Airport
NairobiHKNWWILWilson Airport
NaivashaHKNVNaivasha Airport
NakuruHKNKNUUNakuru Airport
NanyukiHKNYNYKNanyuki Airport
NarokHKNONarok Airport
NyeriHKNINYENyeri Airport
SamburuHKSBUASSamburu Airport
VoiHKVOVoi Airport
WajirHKWJWJRWajir Airport
Military Airports
NairobiHKREMoi Air Base

Nairobi International Airport (NBO) in the capital city of Nairobi is the largest airport in Kenya. It is also one of the busiest airports of Africa. If you are planning a visit Kenya or travel to any city in Kenya, knowledge about the airports and other travel facilities will be really useful.