Akon Bought $350,000 Bullet Proof Van For An African President, Check Who The Lucky President Might Be?

There is always an increasing complaint whenever the gift-giving aspect comes to light as we tend to go through crisis trying to make the right choice that will impress the receiver. Of course, it is  often debatable on what gifts that will be impressing to the common person, not to talk of when we are considering giving a gift to a rich person who already can afford anything he wants right? So, Akon must have gone through the same trouble too, before he decided to put  $350k on the line. Yes, the American R&B and hip hop recording artist, songwriter, and record producer must have had his nerve wrecked while thinking the special gift that would make an African president smile without control.

The guys over at The Auto Firm in South FL.told TMZ that Akon purchased a 2014 Mercedes Sprinter from them a year ago … and demanded that the whole thing should be reinforced in bulletproof armor. As expected, that’s kind of order leaves one wondering — however, Akon’s not speaking much on that. he only managed to cough out that the gift is for an African president, bu would not which in particular. Now, lets ask an intelligent question having in mind that Akon is from Senegal. Although, TMZ’s guess is Senegalese president, but then again, aside the president of his homeland who else might that be? Now Uhuru Kenyatta can’t be entirely out of the picture, after all, only we know how close they’ve become in recent months. We’ve in actuality lost count of the number of times they’ve seen each other, including that time the singer came with wife No. 4. Or could it be the outgoing Nigeria president who displayed a heroic attitude after he lost the recent election. I really can’t say with certainty.

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Akon however, could not reveal which African president would be getting the ride. He only said that the $350k tricked out bulletproof ride is for an African president. I know you can’t wait for him to announce the owner someday right? Me too. So for now the mystery continues.

The president who has worn the heart of this hip hop crooner will just to add 8-seater whip that was rebuilt with the armor, plus a ton of bells and whistles inside: DirecTV, surround sound, etc … all iPad controlled to his fleets of cars.

More amazingly, the exterior is very plain … probably so the unknown president can ride low-key. Just to the rife to cruise in  if you’re worried about bullets.

See photos of the interior and exterior of the said ride:

-The exterior of the van looking quite simple, the inside will surprise you, view on!

akon-and-van-1-Here is the inside of the bullet proofed van.

akon-in-the-van-2-Now the photo below is why we think it is for our very own Uhuru Kenyatta


Do you think there’s a chance he could gift such an expensive gift to any other than his own president? We’ll bring you more details when he actually makes the presentation.

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