Mandera Leaders: Al Shabaab Plotting Major Raid, After Masts Vandalisation

Mandera leaders have alerted the nation over the vandalisation of communication masts in the county by al Shabaab’s, which could be an indication of a major pending attack.

The leaders say there is a need for security since the destruction could be an indication of a major pending attack.

The team, led by Mandera Governor Ali Roba, said the act is an economic sabotage and seems like an attempts to cut the county off during a planned attack.

Speaking during a meeting of all the country’s legislators on Wednesday, he said:

“The terrorists are cutting Mandera from the other parts of the country. They have crippled economic activities and now the isolation plan has moved a level higher.”

Furthering, Ali Roba called on the government, saying al-Qaeda-linked terror group based in Somalia has scored success in shutting away the county from the rest of Kenya.

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“With the communication network down, al Shabaab will be moving around the county and it will only be a couple of days before anyone notices there is a problem,” he said.

The leaders announced the urgency of government’s action to avert whatever plan the group might be making.

“No action has been taken since the masts were vandalised. I do not understand how, after the first attack, sufficient security has not been provided to protect all the masts in this county,” said the Governor.

The leaders say it calls for panic as the wordless threats seem “serious and imminent”.  According to them, Al-shabaab doesn’t need to send in words before they know that the sudden vandalism is dangerous.

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In addition, the leaders said the casual response by the government is heart-rending as Mandera’s security needs to be improved significantly for the unpredictable attacks by al-Shabaab to be stopped.

So far, the Islamic group has ruined three masts in one week – one in Damasa, another in Dabacity, Kutulo and the third one in Chabi bar, Mandera North, on Wednesday night.

Al Shabaab gunmen launched a hand grenade and destroyed an Orange telecommunication mast in Kutulo on Monday night.

They are reportedly targeting two adjacent masts owned by Safaricom and Orange telecommunication companies.