Al-Shabaab Recruits

Six people have been killed in an attack by suspected militants of the Islamic terror group Al-Shabaab in Mandera.

The attack occurred in the early hours of Thursday at Bulla public works, near the Somalia border in Mandera. Mandera Governor Ali Roba confirmed the incident in a statement.

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Mr Roba said:

”Out of 33 non-locals residing in one plot, six were shot dead and 27 rescued by our security officers manning the sector.” 

”Six lives are too many to lose. We condemn the attack which comes at a time when locals had started enjoying peace.”

The governor thanked security officers for their immediate response and added that he grieves with the affected families.

Police say the terrorists shot randomly at victims when they made their way into the plot. They used grenades to break the entrance before shooting aimlessly.

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A group of police reservists responded swiftly according to the residents, which pushed back the attackers. The militants are suspected to have rigged the area with improvised explosive devices as they damaged nearby buildings with grenades.

The militants, who were reportedly wearing Kenya Army uniform, were pushed back and escaped soon after towards Somalia.

North Eastern Regional Commander Edward Mwamburi confirmed that an operation to capture the assailants is underway. Kenya Defence Forces and bomb experts have also been deployed to assist in the operation.

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There has been a suspension of attacks in border areas over the past few months following intensified police operations. It was previously seen as a playing field for the terrorists who could easily get across the porous border and slip back into Somalia undetected.