Al-Shabaab Carry Out Another Daylight Attack On AMISOM Base In Somalia

Several soldiers operating under African Union Mission (AMISOM) were feared dead after the troop woke up to Al Shabaab attack on Thursday early morning in central Somalia. 

The terror group attacked the army base in Halgan area in the same style it did in El Adde in January this year.

According to reports, the militants used a suicide car bomb to break into the base occupied by Ethiopian troops, which is in Halgan town about 260km north of Mogadishu.

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An investigative reporter, Yassin Juma said after the group had stuck the base’s entrance with a bomb, their armed fighters tried to force their way into the base, but were pushed by Ethiopian soldiers.

Al-shabaab Attacks African Union Mission (AMISOM) Base In Somalia-2

Locals confirmed the attack, saying they heard a loud explosion at the army camp followed by a massive exchange of gunfire, moments before dawn.

Al-Shabaab’s military operations spokesperson Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab told Reuters that they had killed 43 soldiers in the attack. Adding that ‘several’ Al Shabaab militants died in the fighting, without giving a figure, the spokesman said:

“Our fighters stormed the Halgan base of AMISOM… We killed 43 AU soldiers from Ethiopia in the fighting. It was a huge blast. It destroyed the gate and parts of the base,”

An Amisom spokesperson didn’t immediately comment on the matter, but later confirmed the incident, saying the enemy was driven back successfully.

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It is alleged that Al Shabaab militants were also killed during the fierce fight that erupted between the two forces in the dawn of the day. But no formal statement has been released concerning the enemy’s casualty figure.

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Somali Islamist militant group al-Shabaab says it is fighting to oust Somali’s western backed government.

Ethiopia is one of five countries contributing troops to the 22,000-strong mission and this is the first time an Ethiopian-run Amisom base has been attacked. Amisom backs the government as it fights to regain control of the country from al-Shabaab.

Al Shabaab has carried out the same style of attack against Kenyan soldiers under AMISOM in their base in Somalia earlier this year, killing more than hundred.

Up till date, government has not released the number of Kenya soldiers killed in the attack. But al Shabaab has published a video giving an insight of the bloodshed that the raid featured.

International communities have criticized Kenyan government for hiding the number of deaths during the attack, saying it conceals its loss and publicizes its victory.