Al-Shabaab Commander Karatey, Key Al Shabaab Intelligence Behind El-Adde Attack Killed

One of the key planners of El-Adde raid who is Al-Shabaab’s deputy commander, Mr Mahad Mohammed Karatey alias Mahat Karatey, met his death during a Kenya Defence Forces strike in Somalia.

This is another al Shabaab weighty man killed after the murder of its commander Maalim Janow, who was also killed by an airstrike which targeted the group following El-Adde attack.

Karatey was in charge of Alamnyat, the Al-Shabaab’s intelligence wing, before his death – a sweeping accomlishment for KDF.

According to KDF, the deputy commander didn’t die all alone, other 10 middle level commanders and 42 recruits also got killed in the airstrike on Nadris camp on February 8.

KDF, through its spokesman Col David Obonyo, said Thursday that Mr Karatey was killed when he transversed to address a camp of about 80 Alamnyat recruits who had completed their training and were set for passing out parade for deployment to carry out more terror attacks. Col Obonyo said

It is confirmed that 42 recruits were also killed while many others sustained injuries,” . It was believed that Mr Karatey played a major role in the recent attack on KDF troops in El-Adde by deployment of suicide bombers in which about 130 soldiers were killed

Col Obonyo further described the role of Alamnyat saying:

The Shabaab’s intelligence wing is involved in the execution of suicide attacks and assassinations in Somalia, Kenya and other countries in the region, and provides logistics and support for Shabaab terrorist operations throughout the Horn of Africa.

The Alamnyat which is Al-Shabaab’s intelligence wing recruits suicide bombers, assassins, explosive experts and information gatherers.

Karatey, also known as Abdirahman Mohamed Warsame, had also played a key role in the Alamnyat, the wing of the Shabaab responsible for assassinations and in several other attacks the region has seen.

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Karatey was also the deputy of former leader Ahmed Godane, killed in a US drone strike in September 2014. He planned El-Adde attack launched by al Shabaab, that killed scores of Kenyan soldiers and got so many others injured.

The actual number of casualties of that attack is yet unknown. Albeit DNA tests are ongoing for easy identification of some of the soldiers who are badly injured beyond recognition.

With all the wing’s activities so far in terrorism, the US government had placed a Sh500 million prize on the head of Karatey.

He was included as a wanted terriorist on the list of US State Department’s wanted notice terrorist to hunt down in April 2015 after the Garissa attack.

This is no doubt a substantial loss for the Islamist group.

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