5 Policemen Killed In Mandera After Shabaab Raid

At least five police officers have been killed when a police vehicle was attacked by suspected Al Shabaab jihadists in Mandera.

According to the police, the officers were escorting a bus when their vehicle was hit by a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) at Dabacity area not far from Elwak. The police vehicle, which was safeguarding a bus when it was targeted close to Elwak town, burst into flames.

The governor of Mandera County, Ali Roba, via his twitter page, confirmed and condemned the Incident that took place on Monday morning. The governor further accused police of not acting on an earlier intelligence warning.

Somalia’s Shabaab jihadists have been witnessing intense attack lately. The group , on that note, has been staging attacks in retaliation. Recently the group attacked Ethiopian military base in Somalia. They also after the announcement of the killing of its key member who masterminded Garrissa attack, hit some hotels in the country.

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The fighters, who are still mourning one of their chief organizing commander – suspected of organising the 2015 attack on Kenya’s Garissa University that left 148 people dead – also saw some of its members sentenced to death over the weekend.

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The killing of Mohamed Mohamud aka Dulyadin was announced by Somali officials on June 1 and Al Shabaab confirmed his death with the release of an obituary on Saturday.

According to the Al Shabaab jihadists:

“We console ourselves and our nation for the martyrdom of the Muslim knight commander Sheik Mohamed Mohamud Ali (Dulyadin). May Allah accept him and lift him to paradise”.

The group also claim US crusaders murdered its commander, also know by the aliases ‘Kuno’ and ‘Gamadhere’ against the reports by Somali’s authorities.

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Somali officials had said he died in a Somali special forces attack near southern port town of Kismayo. Somalia’s special forces are trained by and receive logistical support from the US. Mohamud, a Kenyan national and an ethnic Somali, was murdered with three other commanders. After his death, his body was put on display by local authorities.