Al Shabaab Leader Fusses About El Adde Raid, Warns Kenya In New Video

The leader of al Shabaab’s Kenya unit known as ‘al-Hijra wing’ has shared a fresh propaganda video, which shows the terror group threatening to carry out major attacks on central areas, including State House.

The group’s leader, named Ahmed Iman, who was an engineering student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), was seen in the video instructing his subordinates while sitting down.

Iman in the video ordered other members to carry out the assignment to get rid of all the colours of Kenya’s national flag at State House leaving only the red one to show the coming onslaught.

The well-bearded man whose head the authority has placed a Sh300 million bounty warns that al Shabaab will waste heads in Kenya. He also threatens to make blood flow.

Iman also revealed that Kenyans will know no rest when the attacks will kick off, as it will come from every corner of the country from the fighters who in his words are in Kenya and are set to attack in “every lane and corner.”

Speaking in the midst of chorus Allahu Akbar, the self-proclaimed leader said.

Kenyans immersed themselves into a war they did not fully do know the meaning of.

Know for sure that disaster has struck El Adde. The Kenyans were warned again and again and again. Right now as I speak to you, the only thing that I bought was my turban. My gun, my pouch and my uniform are all war booty from Kenyan troops.

The video released by the group’s media agency Al Kataib on February 22, also a seemingly happy group jubilating over the much-talked about raid it staged against Kenya Defence Forces soldiers in Somalia.

The mightily hooded terrorists also flashed the slain soldiers’ IDs and weapons as they celebrate. The leader also said in a visible wicked smile that:

Kenyans should have learnt from the bloody experiences of the Ethiopian, Ugandan and Burundian camps  located in Somalia which were destroyed along with their soldiers by Shabaab.

If the family of the person owning this gun that is numbered 0490 is looking for their son, let them know that I am now in possession of the war booty taken from him.

Any Kenyan who has lost their family members from the army that was defeated by the lions of Shabaab should contact us. The first time our sister, who was pregnant, was thrown from the third floor of an Eastleigh building.

Another sister in the same area was also thrown from the top of a house until her spine broke. In Mandera, they came and kidnapped our mother, who had five children and was their support.

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The video follows police warning that the group’s threats against Kenya are still very much alive, issuing a cautionary advice that the group may stage attacks on major airports in the country.

Head of airport security Eric Kiraithe cautioned that a team of 11 suicide bombers may carry out terror attack on landing planes.

According to him:

A team have undergone training within Somalia on airborne suicide missions in readiness for the attacks. Five operatives will target Jomo Kenyatta International Airport or Wilson Airport, while the rest will focus on airports at the Coast region, among them Moi International Airport.

All Kenyans Have been urged to report anything suspicious that maybe lead to terror to the country.

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