Al-Shabaab Makes Another Accomplishment Over AMISOM

Somali-based militia group Al-Shabaab has apparently defeated state forces as well as external forces (AMISOM troops) once again.

Following weeks an unknown but large number of AMISOM soldiers were massacred in Somalia in an indelible and horrific attack on a KDF camp in El Ade, the terror group has retaken a major territory from AMISOM.

According to reports, AMISOM soldiers lost hold of the key territory on Friday February 5, 4 years after the militants were ousted from the area.

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AFP says Al-Shabaab has taken back its stronghold of Merka, a town that gives the militants access to a sea port and opportunity to trade with the outside world – a significant accomplishment.

This is regarded as one of the most set-back in the war to stop the ever-attacking militia group that is holding strongly some  regions in Somalia and is linked to terror group al-Qaeda.

AFP referenced a local of the town said to be recaptured by the terror group and it reads:

“AMISOM forces moved out at midday and the local administration and all other Somali security forces left a few minutes later – and then heavily armed Al Shabaab militants entered the town,”

In many ways, Al Shabaab has accomplished more with light pickup trucks, black flags, explosives and mobile phones than its better equipped and organized state-based opponents.

Viewed as the resurgence of the terror group after months it was clearly beaten to retreat, the recapture of Merka after it was liberated goes to show that the military might have paused actions or it is doing less than it should in the ongoing war.

There have been claims that Al-Shabaab divided itself in two with one faction joining and learning tactics from to al-Qaeda while the other embraces Islamic State, thus the renewed strength.

This progress has rubbed off wrongly on the public with many in the war zones saying they are not satisfied with how the war on terror is being handled.

There has been no word from AMISOM but locals have confirmed that the militia group drove into the town flying their black flags and addressing locals.

Source: AFP