43 Convicted Al Shabaab Militants On Death Row

43 Al Shaabaab militants are at the verge of imminent execution after Somali’s court served them death sentence for killing civilians. 

The Somali court in northern Somalia town of Garowe issued death penalty to the convicts for taking lives in their war to topple the western backed Somali Government. 

Prosecutor of the court, Abdullahi Hersi Elmi, told the court that the militants who were captured during the intense clashes in Puntland early this year have been in prison for the past three months.

43 Al Shabaab militants face death sentence

The court carried out the death penalty to 43 Al Shabaab militants in Garowe town today. Puntland attorney general said all the sentenced members Alshabaab will have the opportunity resort to the court of appeals and then final decision will be made. Puntland State forces arrested 97 Al Shabaab militants during the fighting in Nugaal and Mudug regions in March and April.

The other 54 other Al Shabaab militants are still in prison because they are young. And for being minors, they were exempted from the death charges and sent to rehabilitation centers in the state.

43 Al Shabaab militants face death sentence

This is the largest death sentence given at one time to Al Shabaab members in history. In 2013, 13 Al Shabaab fighters were given the death sentence and shot by a firing squad in Puntland state.

Somalia al Shabaab militants have been fighting to oust Somali’s western-based government. To achieve this, the group has staged several brutal attacks in Somalia and beyond, including Kenya, for contributing soldiers who fight against them.

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The group usually launches gun and bomb attacks on officials, Somali security forces and AMISOM, in a quest to create an Islamic state and impose its own strict interpretation of Islam on Somalia.

43 Al Shabaab militants face death sentence

Recently, the group stormed into a base used by Ethiopian troops after ramming a suicide car bomb into the entrance on Thursday, making its latest assault on soldiers serving with the African Union’s AMISOM force, the Islamist group said.

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In January, Kenyan troops serving with AMISOM suffered heavy losses when al Shabaab made a dawn raid on their camp in El Adde, near the Kenyan border.

Al Shabaab said it killed more than 100 soldiers but Kenya gave no exact casualty figure and after the attack, the group published a video of the KDF attack which showed the country’s soldiers in agony.

Authorities undermined the video and beefed up the fight with more forces joining the war against the heinous group.

Among the forces were British forces who arrived in Somalia unexpectedly to join the Kenya Defence Forces and other AMISOM troops in the intense war to conquer Al Shabaab militia group.