Did Al-Shabaab Militants Get Information From An AMISOM Insider?

Could there be corrupt soldiers in Kenya’s Defence force or AMISOM? Evidence shows that Al Shabaab had acted on tactical information probably from an insider or their own men infiltrating the Somalia military or Kenya’s military base in the country before the recent attack against Kenyan military took place. This is so given the accuracy, thoroughness and precision of the attack.

Though not much has been gathered concerning the recent attack that happened in Somalia affecting Kenya’s soldiers but so far statements have been released – yet to be confirmed however –  revealing that the attackers seemed to have immense knowledge of the layout of the camp. The group is said to have attacked as if they were very familiar with the base. Evidently, if this true, it means that someone inside leaked some information to the terror group.

Could be someone among the African Union peacekeeping troops in Somalia also known as AMISOM or Kenya’s Defence Force or even bad eggs in Somalia’s Army. Well, in as much as it is odd to think that soldiers who have pledged their loyalty to the country would give out the information that will ruin their own, the terror group apparently acted on information during the gruesome attack. They had thorough information, acted on it and came out victorious.

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That notwithstanding, it is also important to consider the possibility that locals might have helped the terror group. Perhaps the soldiers were infiltrated by the enemy’s intelligence who they probably employed from the community to help clean the camp or do other related chores. But nobody can say for sure the exact source through which the leakage was done, betraying the confidence of the war against corruption.

Also, readiness and how equipped the soldiers were in terms of ammunition also needs to be considered highly.

Al Shabaab hit the military base of the Kenya Defence Forces situated in Somalia, afflicting over 80 personnel who had deployed from Gilgil and Eldoret army bases, to replace the older team that had been on site earlier. Though some soldiers have been rescued, scores are still being held hostage by the militants. When Kenyan soldiers tried to respond to the attack, the soldiers are being used as human shields.

Well, Al Shabaab acted on tactical information that is clear enough, but the big question is who could have leaked information to the terror group?

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