Al Shabaab’s Plan To Attack President Uhuru’s GSU Parade Fails

A former police officer along with an unknown person were wounded up by police as they try to slip some material that could produce an explosive device into an event at which President Uhuru Kenyatta was the chief guest.

The former officer was nabbed before the arrival of president Uhuru to the venue where he was scheduled to preside over the passing out of fresh officers on Tuesday.

Police arrested their ex colleague at the main gate of the General Service Unit training school in Embakasi, Nairobi as he attempted to sneak into the event graced by high-profile public officers with some threatening devices.

Following the capture, GSU security men stationed to keep guard at the venue were alerted to control people’s access to the place. They were mandated not to permit anybody including pedestrians and cars to enter into the venue except those carrying VIPs.

The suspects who are currently in detention at anti-terrorism police unit headquarters had some elements which when coupled together could produce strong explosive devices, Police say.

The sentries guarding the entrance of the venue strengthened up security after they found out that there was a missing component which they suspected a third suspect might smuggle in.

The event hosted senior public officers including president Uhuru, Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery, Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet and his deputy Joel Kitili (Kenya Police) with an Administration Police, Samuel Arachi.

1,976 officers who were passing out, as well as their families, were also among those present. Though the event ended smoothly as anticipated before the terror threat, it brings to mind recent outpouring threats from Somali militants, Al Shabaab.

The leader of an Al Shabaab’s unit in Kenya, Iman Ahmed, published a fresh video days ago where he was bragging about stripping Kenyan soldiers of their clothes and weapons as well as warning that more attacks are on the pipeline.

The leader, a Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology student, was declared a ruler by the group a few days before he made the video which warns of possible attacks in the heart of Kenya.

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Security experts say the suspects may have been sent to find out the weight of security the country can offer as of yet, by finding out the level of alertness by security officers.

The security alertness in the country has risen since police had said the terrorist’s threat on the country is still alive. Especially knowing that the terror group are alleged to have lost its key leaders in numerous bombardment from Kenya after it raided the country’s army camp in Somalia.

The government recently published the names of terror suspects who are in police detention and the names of those it had killed, lauding the public for being of service to the government by providing useful information.

According to the statement, six of them were killed while an equal number are detained.

Meanwhile, the government yesterday released names of terror suspects who have been killed or arrested. The government erected bill boards in Nairobi with photographs of suspects and thanking the public for volunteering crucial information.

Six of them were killed while an equal number are in custody. The government placed a Sh2 million bounty on each of the suspect’s head.

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Government says Ikrima Mohamed Shosi, connected to the murder of a National Intelligence Service officer in Mombasa in 2015, is in police custody. Abdifatah Twahir Abdalla is also in detention while Salim Mohamed Wabwire is serving a 20-year jail sentence.

It added that it had killed Luqman Osman Shirwa aka Deere who was the Coast Al-Shabaab commander and leader of Jesh Ayman, Briton Thomas Evans. Others include Abdirahim Abdullahi, Abdalla Salim Marumu and Suleiman Mohammed Awadh

A close associate of slain radical cleric Abu Makaburi, Said Abdalla, also died in the Baure attack. Most of them were killed while carrying out a terror assignment, including in Garrissa.