50 Al Shabaab Terrorists Seen Crossing Into Kenya

More than 45 al-Shabaab terrorists are said to have been seen crossing into the country on Sunday.

Based on a leaked intelligence report, the militants gained access into the country through the border village of Sugrow at around 2pm.

The report further reveals that the heavily-armed fighters, alleged to be members of al-Qaeda linked militants, al Shabaab, have split themselves into three groups.

Part of the information shows that a group of 13 among the three groups was seen entering towards Gerille, another towards Konton and another towards Gumarey areas of Wajir East.

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The information goes on to call on all officers and other security agencies including Kenyan Defence Forces to be on the alert, and to act seriously on it. Most of the times, Al-Shabaab terrorists make use of the security gab in the long unmanned, porous Kenya-Somalia border to stage attacks in nearby villages.

Al-Shabaab Terrorists

AP County Commander of Wajir County, Mohamed Sheikh, Monday confirmed being in the know of the information. He confirmed that the gangs have been spotted crossing into Kenya, and that they are estimated to be around 50.

On Friday, another group attacked an ambulance shuttling an expectant mother to hospital, shattering its windscreen with bullets.

Sheikh said the group had set a barricade close to Lafey in Mandera where they refilled their food and supply “without fear”.

He accused the military based in camps close to the border of not doing much to handle the situation.

Kenyan forces entered Somalia in 2011 to fight the al-Qaeda-linked militants.

Somalia’s militant Islamist movement al Shabaab is fighting to oust Somali’s Western-backed government, in a bid to introduce its own State. The group, which is trying to gain a foothold in East Africa, said it is battling Kenya to make the country withdraw its troop under AMISOM.