Irony As Al-Shabaab Unveils Special Police Force For Humanitarian Duties

Al-Qeada linked militant group al-Shabaab unveils special police force, ushering in its system of maintenance of law and order in areas it controls in the Southern Somalia region.

Al-Shabaab via its official media, Radio Andalus, released photos of uniformed men with ID tags and branded vehicles patrolling the town of Jilib said to be the capital of the regions controlled by al-Shabaab in Southern Somalia.

The militants allege that the al-Shabaab Islamic police force (Hisba) will not be walking around with arms and weapons but will only be tasked to encourage citizens to do good deeds and also stay away from anything contrary to that.

They are also to protect the quality of food and medicine and clothing in the market and all products in the markets.

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To ensure that good deeds diffuse throughout its regions, the militants’ police men will be deployed to areas controlled by the militants especially Southern Somalia regions of Jubba, Gedo, Lower Shabelle, Middle Shabelle, Bay and Bokool, Hiraan, and Galgudud.

However, it’s not just about doing good as the police are in charge of arresting and meting out strict punishments in order to maintain high standard of morals.

People who indulge in adultery, drinking and selling of alcohol or wearing western clothes seen as un-Islamic are to be punished severely.

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Some of the punishments to dish to offenders include cutting the penises of adulterous men and stoning to death for women who engage in it, beheading drunks and alcohol sellers and cutting hands of thieves and suspected robbers.

See The Images Showing The Special Policemen Already Being Dutiful.

al-Shabaab unveils special police force-6


al-Shabaab unveils special police force-5

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al-Shabaab unveils special police force

AMISOM had said boys between the ages of 10 to 13 and 16 are being converted to child soldiers by Al Shabaab. It is not clear of any of the children are among the special force.