New Al-Shabaab Video Gives Insight On El-Adde Raid

A recently released 48 minute propaganda Al-Shabaab video footage gives some insight of the raid that took place on January 15, 2016 in Kenyan military base in Somalia.

The video began with the militant’s narrator speaking while showing Kenyan police officers attacking a mosque in Mombasa. The narrator referenced the police officers’ raid as he gives an account of how Muslims have been maltreated.

Noting that Muslims have been subjected to harsh and authoritarian treatment, the narrator threatened that they will continue to fight against the ill-treatment.

Then the Al-Shabaab video went on to show how the terror group invaded the Kenyan military camp, showing a suicide bomber who rode into the camp in a vehicle loaded with explosives blowing up at the entrance to the Kenyan camp.

Several al-Shabaab fighters wearing orange head bands are then seen chasing and aiming shots at Kenyan forces in the camp. During the biggest single attack against Kenyan soldiers, the footage shows that Kenyan soldiers resisted the attack but some of them were gunned down or executed as they tried to run to safety.

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After the graphic explosion, the militants could be seen in the Al-Shabaab video clip claiming to have murdered over 100 Kenyan soldiers.

A reserve of military hardware, including vehicles, which the group claims to have seized from the KDF during the attack, were also shown afterwards. The 48 minute video narrated in English, Arabic and Swahili also shows Kenyan soldiers who were reportedly taken captive being interviewed on camera.

However, Al-Shabaab didn’t specifically mention the number of Kenyan soldiers it has captured but one soldier who was being interviewed in the video is heard saying they were about 200 Kenyan soldiers at the camp.

Other captives were ordered to give a report of how the attack had happened. All of them agreed that the terror fighters streamed into the camp, with one of them pleading with President Uhuru Kenyatta to withdraw the troops from Somalia.

The Somalia based Al-Shabaab’s suicide bomber Abduqadir AK Farhan and other hundreds of the group’s foreign fighters were also captured in the video. Some of the fighters in the video could be seen putting on Ugandan military uniforms.

After the attack, the group’s fighters are seen in the video heading back to El-Adde Town, which seems to have been deserted by the locals.

Media reached the Government spokesman Eric Kiraithe on Sunday, April 10 but he noted he could not comment on the Al-Shabaab video since he had not watched it at the time of the filing of this report.

Here Are Some Tweets Confirming The Release Of The Al-Shabaab Video:

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