Al Shabaab Video Shows KDF Soldiers Decline To Surrender To Terror Group

It was reported yesterday that on April 10, Al- Shabaab released a 48 minute video, which showed KDF Soldiers in action during the Somalia El-Adde attack, and what the KDF camp looked like.

More details have emerged about the the film footage. In the video, it is noticed that the terror group did not video the first wave of the attack in the camp, but the second wave. This is because the first phase of the attack took place at dawn.

It is also perceived that Al Shabaab only portrayed the phase when they were winning the fight as the sun was visibly up when the video was shot. The group didn’t show how KDF soldiers defended the camp and slaughtered some of the attackers involved when the fight began.

The video, which only shows casualties inflicted to Kenyan troops, went on to hide the pains and loss which  al-Shabaab saw during the attack. Still in the video, the soldiers showed courage, which is heartrending if not inspiring.

Bravery and courage could be seen on the faces of the Kenyan soldiers who stood right before death without denouncing their country nor their faith. One brave KDF soldier could be seen fending off the al-Shabaab attackers using his armored vehicle before a rocket launcher destroys it. But he declined to surrender to  the enemy and chose rather to die a hero.

The captive soldiers were paraded in front of the camera and forced to recount how their camp was taken over by the enemy. A good number turned the narration into a motivational speech to their families and loved ones.

Some of the KDF soldiers sent words to their families and refused to betray their country. One severely injured KDF soldier sent an uplifting message to his little daughter, expressing how much love he has for her. Another part showed some KDF soldiers standing with a bleeding face, surrounded by militants.

One KDF soldier chronicled how al-Shabaab captured their camp, encouraging his family to be strong and note that they would never have him around alive. Several other captured Kenyan soldiers urged the President, Uhuru Kenyatta to take care of the families of the dead or captured soldiers and give them maximum support.

Some also said they don’t regret dying for the country as they took the oat to die defending their country no matter the situation.

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The young soldier who seems to be in his late 20’s came out of the burning vehicle and stared at the attackers boldly, while the enemy waited for him to raise his hands up indicating that he has surrendered. Upon noticing that he has chosen death rather than bowing low, they shot him down.

The soldier didn’t fall after the first shot hit his chest. He stood defiantly as they rained even more bullets at him. In a heroic manner he pushed back into his burning vehicle and fell.

The terror group didn’t say how many Kenyan soldiers it had captured but one soldier interviewed in the video is heard saying they were 200 Kenyan soldiers at the camp.

The video shows Al Shabaab major suicide bomber Abduqadir AK Farhan and other hundreds of Al Shabaab foreign fighters with a handful of fighters wearing Ugandan military uniforms.

It is alleged in the video that some of the captured Kenyan soldiers died from their injuries as they were baldy impaired. The remaining soldiers are said to have still been held captive.

Even though al-Shabaab tried to depict a different picture, the video sells them out as the Kenya Defence Force (KDF) soldiers at the El-Adde camp on January 15 were fearless. They were ready to face and endure any danger or pain. They showed courage and faced death with determined boldness.